“It was an impressive ball” 150km left-hander Young-gun, the coach is drawing a bigger picture

The conversation was cut off for a while. It was in the middle of talking with Samsung manager Park Jin-man about the team.

He was in the middle of asking and answering about a player’s potential.

He asked Director Park. “What are your expectations for this season? Can you be satisfied with a double-digit hold with an earned run average in the 3-point range?” I expected an answer right away, but there was silence for a while. And the answer that came back was “Isn’t it better to have a higher dream?”

The main character of the story was Lee Seung-hyeon (21), a left-handed fastball pitcher in his third year at Samsung.

Lee Seung-hyun is a pitcher who pitched in 58 games last year, the second year of his debut, and recorded 2 wins, 4 losses, 1 save and 14 holds, and an earned run average of 4.53.

Until Choi Ji-kwang and Choi Chae-heung return, Samsung’s bullpen is relatively weak. We need to show some better skills this season.

If you enter the ERA in the 3-point range in the third season, you will be lowering it by 1 point per year. It can be said that the season was quite successful.

However, director Park Jin-man’s expectations were higher than that. He was evaluated as a pitcher whose earned run average could enter the 2-run range.

Director Park said, “I hope Lee Seung-hyun will be more greedy. He expects to enter with an impactful 2-point earned run average, rather than the usual 3-point earned run average. The bigger the dream, the better. He just needs to put in as much effort as he dreams of. He is a pitcher who is steadily improving. He expects to be able to make it well in the pitching part,” he said.

Lee Seung-hyun is a pitcher who throws an average of 144 km. 메이저놀이터 His best speed was 150km. Now that he is in his third season, his speed is being evaluated as being able to improve a little more.

A little too many walks is considered a disadvantage, but experts say that this part can be improved because it is not a style that does not get zero points at all.

The power of the ball is unquestionable. Catcher Kang Min-ho, who received the ball in Lee Seung-hyun’s debut season, said, “I received an emotional ball after a long time. He had both strength and ambition,” he said.

He said, “When I work with new players, I tell them not to follow my signs. It lets you throw the ball you want to throw. Instead, he promised that if he gave the same sign again, trust him and follow him. I was confident too, so I asked for it to be believed because it was my autograph. Today (Lee) Seung-hyeon shook his head two or three times. It’s not easy for a 20-year-old pitcher to shake his head,” he even gave his thumbs up.

Thick guts and a pitch that can overwhelm batters. Although not completely young yet, director Park Jin-man was drawing a bigger picture.

If Lee Seung-hyun develops as coach Park expects, the Samsung bullpen will gain great strength. It remains to be seen whether Lee Seung-hyun can respond to the coach’s great wish, “I want an average ERA in the 2-point range.”

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