“It was a small bug… It was scary”… ‘Dead body’ after 10 days at the gosiwon

A brown bug stuck to the bed mattress.

It comes to life on clothes, walls, and floors.

Bed bugs live in dark places and feed on human blood.

The place where bedbugs were infested was a gosiwon in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do온라인카지노.

The informant who entered the room on the 10th said that he had seen an unidentified bug in the room since the first day.

He told the goshiwon about the situation and moved to a new room, where the same bugs appeared. He later claimed that he could also see these bugs on his clothes, on the walls, and in the common kitchen.

He reported that his entire body was swollen and itchy because he was bitten by insects, and he also reported photos of his swollen arms and legs from scratching.

The informant said that he sent the video and photos to a quarantine company, where they found bed bugs. The quarantine company said that bed bugs had already spread throughout the goshiwon and recommended that the person leave the room.

However, the goshiwon side expressed regret over their complacent response, saying that quarantine was not possible right away and that they only told people to wash in cold water and endure it.

While the infestation of bed bugs in France is causing a state of emergency, with schools being ordered closed, there have been a series of reports of bed bug sightings in Korea as well.

On the 13th, adults and larvae of bed bugs were discovered in a sauna in Seo-gu, Incheon, and business was suspended. On the 19th, bed bugs were discovered in a dormitory at Keimyung University in Daegu, and the school began disinfection.

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