Is it better than ‘Squid Jjamppong’?… The introduction of 600 won Jjamppong Ramen is a huge hit.

Homeplus’ own brand ( PB ) ramen product메이저사이트 lineup, which went viral with ‘500 Won Jjajang Ramen’, will be strengthened. Jjamppong ramen priced at 600 won per bag will also be released.

Homeplus announced that it will introduce ‘Lee Hae-bong Jjamppong Ramen’, the follow-up to ‘Lee Chun-sam Jjajang Ramen’. As Jjajang Ramen, which costs 500 won per bag, received a positive response from consumers, they introduced Jjamppong Ramen, which costs about 600 won per bag (2,500 won for a pack of 4). Compared to other Jjamppong ramen, the price is about 30% lower.

Lee Chun-sam’s Jjajang Ramen sold out in just 9 days after its launch in December last year, and sales exceeded 1.5 billion won in just 2 months. It became a hot topic as it gained popularity as ‘cost-effective ramen’ among consumers living in high prices. At the time, strong price competitiveness was chosen as the main factor in achieving first place in sales.

A follow-up product to the forged frying pan, which is selling out nationwide, is also being introduced at a 50% discount. To commemorate the launch, ‘Homeplus Signature Megastone IH Frying Pan’ will be sold for 11,900 to 17,900 won until October 4th. The weight is about 100g lighter than the existing product. This frying pan has a four-layer coating made of durable materials and ceramics, so the surface does not peel off easily and is not easily corroded by salt.

Meanwhile, according to Homeplus, sales of the PB brand ‘Homeplus Signature’ in 2022 increased by about 33% compared to 2019. By September 1 of this year, sales had increased by double digits (%) compared to the same period last year.

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