‘In one season’ expectations are disappointing…Liverpool MF, target for sale again

Liverpool’s Artur Melo has become a duck egg in the Nakdong River.

Heading into this season, Liverpool were having problems in midfield. Jordan Henderson and Fabinho, who were the main midfielders since the end of last season, are aging, and even Thiago Alcantara has not been able to find his performance. They finished second last season, but midfield problems continued until this season.

As an alternative to the midfield problem, Artur Melo was brought in. In September, Liverpool signed Melo on loan from Juventus ahead of the season. Artur, who has strengths in ball keeping and pass accuracy, is expected to be a resource that can add strength to the midfield composition that Liverpool lacks.

When Artur moved to Liverpool, Liverpool had more options at the time. Liverpool’s current midfield was a method of putting Elliot and Henderson in front of the defensive midfielder Fabinho. However, Artur was also evaluated as a resource that could relieve manager Jurgen Klopp’s worries because he could digest both central midfielder and defensive midfielder.

However, this season has become a resource at least. This season, Melo has not played a single game in the league this season due to injury, and has only played one match in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL). It was completely excluded from Klopp’s plans.

Accordingly, Liverpool are planning to dispose of him. According to the Spanish media ‘Sport’, “Liverpool gave up the option to sign Melo completely. And Juventus will send him back after the season.”

But the problem is that Juventus, the original team, doesn’t want him either. The media added, “Juventus also doesn’t want him.메이저놀이터 They will put him on the market after returning to permanently export him.”

Meanwhile, Liverpool are developing young players as resources to replace him. Central midfield resources such as Harvey Elliott along with Stephan Weycetic are being given opportunities under the guidance of manager Klopp this season. However, the immediate power of the midfield resource is also a must-have for Liverpool in the next transfer window.

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