“I’m 18 years old, but I’m good at skills + care”… ‘Wonder Kid’ shocked Manchester United and EPL fans → A touching gift to a fan of Butchinsang “I can see the sprouts.”

Manchester United fans in the English Premier League are currently going crazy over the 18-year-old midfielder. I am depressed due to my poor performance this season, but I feel different when I see this wonderkid. It is the best achievement of Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag. The 18-year-old midfielder has already booked as the “next big star of the EPL” and is no other than Kobe Maino.

In particular, Manchester United fans fell in love with him after watching his performance in the match against Wolverhampton on the 2nd. Manchester United secured a dramatic 4-3 victory in the 22nd round away match of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) at Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton. It was Maino who played this match.

Maino shook Wolverhampton’s net with a right foot kick over the opponent’s defender from the left side at around seven minutes of added time in the second half when the score was 3-3. It became both a theatrical goal and a finishing goal. It was his debut goal in the EPL. 마카오토토도메인

Mainu joined Manchester United Youth in 2014 and joined the first team in 2022. Afterwards, he played in three matches last season, confirming his potential and finally scoring his debut goal in the match. Thanks to his performance, Mainu received the Man of the Month award in January.

It is Kobe Mainu, who is loved by Manchester United fans, and fans cheered once again as his good deeds were known.

Britain’s The Sun recently reported that “Mainu sent a touching message to a grieving supporter.” According to the article, a fan recently lost his father, and Mainu contacted the fan and offered him a ticket to the Manchester United game at home.

It was a thrilling victory over Wolverhampton, so Manchester United fans lost track of time complimenting Maino on social media. However, a fan’s post attracted attention. The fan said he will remember Maino’s “magic moment” forever, adding, “Please help Manchester United or someone from the Manchester United Foundation deliver this message to Maino. I would appreciate it if you could share and retweet it.”

The fan said, “Sadly, my father passed away yesterday after battling cancer. The last game we saw together was a Wolves game. There were just the two of us in my father’s room. When Wolverhampton scored the equalizer, we were both so frustrated. Actually, I never prayed for United to score more than in the moment,” adding, “But then I scored a goal where Myanu won an amazing game. I saw my father swing his arm, and he smiled and said, ‘This is how I like watching the Manchester United game.’ I was interviewing him when he saw Myanu again, and he asked me to stay so he could hear him.”

The fan then wrote, “I know that the ultimate goal of football is to win. But Mainu scored more important goals for my family than to win,” adding, “Mainu is already a hero of my family and now my 7-year-old’s favorite player. What a great, special moment. I’m sure Mainu will achieve many things.”

This was conveyed to Mainu, who sent a video letter to the fan. Mainu said, “Hello Daniel, this is Mainu. I saw your message on social media and was really touched by your story.” “I’m so sorry for your father’s death, and I’m glad you could share such a special moment with me, and I’m glad I got to play a small part in it as well.” “I can’t wait to invite you and your son to the game soon. We’ll get in touch and sort everything out. Cheer up. See you soon,” he said in the message. Fans applauded Mainu for his actions.

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