If you put your soul into the ball, you won’t be afraid of 15.2 billion hitters… why? Because I am the second Seunghwan Oh

 If you put your soul into the ball, even the best catcher in Korea is not afraid. Park Yeong-hyeon (20, KT), who received attention as the second Oh Seung-hwan from the time he was nominated as a pro, is showing off his mentality and ability to match his modifier in the second year of his debut. 

On the 4th, Park Yeong-hyun made a relief appearance against Doosan in Suwon and earned his 9th hold of the season with 1 hit, 3 strikeouts and no runs in 2 innings. Tied for 4th in the hold category. He climbed the mound in the 7th inning, leading 5-2, and was hit by Kim Jae-ho after one shot, but showed off his power struggle by striking out all 3 out counts, and completed his mission with a neat tripartite retreat in the 8th inning when he met Jeong Su-bin, Ahn Jae-seok, and Yang Eui-ji. Completed. After two outs, he met Yang Eui-ji and was driven to 2B-0S, but 2B-2S boldly threw a stone fastball and induced a foul fly for the first baseman. 28 pitches. 

Park Young-hyun, whom we met after the game, said, “I believe in my ball and throw it. He always tries to throw the ball with soul,” he said. “The most important thing on the mound is to do it without thinking. Even senior Yang Eui-ji can’t hit my ball. I try not to see the batter as much as possible.” 

Park Young-hyun, who was nominated for the first round of 2022 KT after reporting Yoo, is a finishing prospect who has received great attention even before his debut. His first season impression was intense. He pitched well with an average ERA of 3.66 in 52 games, 1 loss and 2 holds in the regular season, befitting the title of the second Oh Seung-hwan, and set a new postseason record (19 years and 6 days old) as the youngest player to save in the postseason in the second game of the playoffs. 

Park Young-hyun said, “Last year’s postseason save was the biggest. Throwing on such a stage was like a dream in itself. Based on the experience at the time, it seems to be going well this year,” he said. I try to create an advantageous situation somehow, so I throw a lot of strikes.”

Another factor that made Park Young-hyeon the best trustworthy man at KT just two years after his debut is his role model Oh Seung-hwan. Park Young-hyeon, who met Oh Seung-hwan in person when he visited Suwon last year and became a hot topic, said, “It is good that the modifier Oh Seung-hwan is attached to me. He used to only watch, but now they play baseball together in the pros. A lot of motivation. He is a senior that I have watched from a long time ago, and he is an idol to me.”

He also revealed the advice he received directly from Oh Seung-hwan. Park Young-hyun said, “At a bad time, I found a senior and asked him how to do it, and he said, ‘On a bad day, you can also not be good at batting. So throw with confidence.” That word helps a lot,” he said. 

In his second year, Park Young-hyun set up his specific goals and future direction. “My dream is to be a finisher,” he said. I’m still in my second year, so I think it’s an experience stage. The hyungs also have a lot of ways to go, so I advise them not to end it with today.” I play baseball to achieve that goal. Now it comes up to 151 km, but I will try to throw 155 km in the future.”메이저사이트

He honestly answered the question about the team’s participation in the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September. Park Young-hyun, who was included in the preliminary list, said, “Of course, I can’t not care. I would be grateful if the ball was picked out okay,” he said, “but now it is a game that has nothing to do with the Asian Games. It’s for the team. The Asian Games is an individual goal,” he emphasized. 

Park Young-hyun is cruising with an ERA of 2.60 without a jinx in his second year. Finally, we asked him about his goals for the season. Park Young-hyun said, “The most important thing is not to get hurt. I want to try 25 holds. I told them to set big goals,” he said, expressing his determination. 

However, because of his bold appearance on the mound, he forgot something for a while. Park Young-hyeon is a rookie in his second year as a pro, turning 20 this year. He quickly said, “Did I set my goal too high? Hold seems to be fine, but 155km is a problem,” he said with a smile. 

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