“I will remain a fan forever” … Barca abandoned the legend, but the legend is ‘Forever Barca!’

Barcelona abandoned the legend, but the legend did not forget Barcelona.

“Coach Sabi Hernandez is no longer the head coach of Barcelona after the 2023-24 season,” Barcelona said on its website on Monday (Korea time). At the board meeting, Juan Laporta decided not to entrust the 2024-25 season to Sabi. “I thank him for his hard work so far.”
It is an unprecedented skit. Coach Xavi has officially announced his resignation, saying that he will take the helm only until this season in the 2023-24 season. Coach Xavi, who replaced Ronald Koeman, made achievements by leading Spain’s La Liga title in the 2022-23 season, but this season was clearly disappointing. Criticism poured out as he was most likely to win no title and disappointed in the content of the game, and he chose to resign.

Since the announcement of his resignation, Xavi has been on a roll. Barcelona has been in the best form of the season. Barcelona, which was having a hard time finding a successor, asked Xavi to stay. Xavi accepted the offer. Xavi said, “The project is not over. I think this is the best thing for the club. The trust you have shown me is incredible. I’m going back to work.”

Of course, the Barcelona coach was Xavi next season as well, but the situation has changed. After the match against Girona, Xavi said that it was difficult to compete financially with Real Madrid and UEFA Champions League clubs. Barcelona’s board members, including LaFrotta, were reportedly disappointed by Xavi who did not trust his project.

Rumors have it that Xavi will be replaced, but it has become official. Barcelona officially announced that Xavi will be replaced. As a substitute, Korean coach Hanji Flick will soon become a reality. After serving as the German national team’s chief coach and Munich’s chief coach, Flick became the interim coach of Munich after Nico Kovac was replaced, and due to crazy results, he became an official coach. He led the team’s treble and became a master of the European national team. After leaving Munich, he led the German team but was sacked due to poor performance.

Barcelona reached out to Flickr, who was staying in the wild. On Monday, transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano shared the news of Flickr’s imminent appointment with his team’s “Here WE GO,” which he shouts when his appointment is in the final stages. Romano said, “The contract is complete and agent Finney Zahavi has approved the two-year contract. He will replace Xavi as Barcelona’s coach until June 2026. He will also bring along two of his own staff.”

When Xavi admitted his resignation, Laporta said, “Stability is good news. The key to success is stability. I have a special person as my coach. Fans must be proud of him.” However, due to his remarks, he changed his judgment, finalized his appointment as Flick, and gave up Xavi. Everyone is puzzled by the best-ever skit.

He must have forgotten what kind of person Xavi is. He joined Barcelona in 1991, became a professional in 1998, and played until 2015. He marked the most splendid period in Barcelona’s founding history, and played 767 official matches. He scored 85 goals and 185 assists, winning eight La Liga titles, four UCL titles, three Copa del Rey titles, six Supercopa titles, and two FIFA Club World Cups.

Afterwards, he came as a coach and won La Liga title and SuperCoppa title. He shamelessly sent out a man who made great contributions to Barcelona’s history as a player and coach. This is not an action that should be taken against a man who is considered the best player in Barcelona’s history along with Johan Cruyff and Lionel Messi.

Despite this, coach Xavi calmly delivered his farewell speech to the fans. On his social media account, he wrote, “I will play my last match at Barcelona this Sunday. Leaving the club is not an easy task, but I am very proud to be here for the second time and to have been there for two and a half years. I would like to express my gratitude to those who have always been there for me and shown my love. I am going back to being a Barcelona fan. Before becoming a player and coach, I was a Barcelona fan.”

“I only wish Barcelona success. I achieved my goal by working with great players and staff. Last season, I won the league and Supercopa championship. This season, La Masia helped a new generation grow, even if it didn’t go as desired. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. I would like to express my gratitude to the fans, players, team staff, president, board of directors, media 스포츠토토. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has spent the two and a half seasons with me.”

Lastly, he concluded by saying, “I hope Barcelona has good things to say. I am always a supporter of Barcelona.” It was the dignity of a legend.

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