“I want to stay next season” Mbappe vs “Won’t you extend it? Get out” PSG… Is the Summer Market ‘Club-Player War’ Exploding?

The controversy over the retention and contract between Kylian Mbappe and his team Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is expected to shake up the European football world ahead of the summer transfer window. 

It was revealed on the 12th (Korean time) that Mbappe sent an email to PSG stating that he would not activate the contract extension option through French media reports. 

Afterwards, various speculations about his move and the news that the renewal negotiations with PSG were broken, Mbappe even announced a statement himself and revealed his position on life at PSG. 

According to his statement, he already informed on July 15, 2022 of his decision to finalize the contract at the end of the next season (season 2023/24) without triggering the option to extend the contract. There was no word on contract renewal negotiations or potential contract extensions. Ultimately, he did not express his intention to leave this summer. He only confirmed the fact that he declined the option to extend his contract further.

With the refusal to extend the contract, the destination that emerged was Real Madrid. Mbappe has already been strongly linked to Real for about two years, but PSG’s rejection has not led to a transfer. At the time of last summer, even French President Emmanuel Macron stepped forward to persuade Mbappe.

Because of this past transfer-related news, some French media reported that “Mbappe wants to join Real this summer” after the announcement of Mbappe’s statement. 

Then he retweeted the news directly through his social media, saying, “It is a lie. I have already said that next season I will be very happy at PSG and will continue to be there.” announced plans. 

However, the current team PSG’s reaction to Mbafe’s intention to remain is cynical. According to French local media, PSG is tired of Mbappe’s behavior, and unlike last summer, they expressed their position that they could even consider selling him in this transfer market. 

European football transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano reported on PSG’s reaction to Mbappe’s lies on his SNS on the 13th, and Romano said, “PSG’s position is clear. Either extend the contract or leave this summer.” He said that PSG had no intention of sending him out as a free agent despite his intention to remain in Mbappe.

Spanish media ‘Marca’ also added an opinion. The media said, “It is understood that PSG will review his transfer offer from today, as it has been confirmed that Mbappe will not leave for free under any circumstances.” announced that they would write.토토사이트

In the end, with Mbappe’s statement, SNS remarks, and PSG’s reaction, the war of nerves between the player and the club and whether or not to transfer is likely to continue throughout the coming summer. 

Attention is focusing on what Mbappe, who will appear at the press conference for the French soccer team on the 15th, will say about the current team and what PSG will respond to.

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