“I tried to leave Man City”.A interview with his wife and wife, the wife’s public shot in the public shot

Kyle Walker gave an interview after the incident.

British media ‘Sports Bible’ reported on the 29th (Korea time) that “Kyle Walker was trying to leave Manchester City to avoid media surveillance by opening up about his personal life.”

“In response to the growing number of inquiries about his marriage to Walker in the media recently, and as part of an effort to protect our family from the intense media spotlight,” said Annie, Walker’s wife, on Instagram.

Annie added, “Sadly, after many years of marriage and wonderful three children together, I have decided to take a break from Walker. I would not like to comment further on my position. I hope the privacy of me and our three children will be respected during this difficult time.”

According to the media, Walker apologized to the family for the stupid choices and the stupid decisions he made in an interview following weeks of speculation about his love life. He admitted that he had a secret baby while married to his best friend, Annie Kilner.

Walker’s two-year marriage was in jeopardy after he was named the father of influencer Lorin Goodman’s five-month-old daughter. In tears, Walker told The Sun, “What I did was terrible, and all the responsibility is on me. I made stupid choices and stupid decisions. I can’t think or imagine what Annie is going through. I tried to talk to her, but she has pain and hurt.”

He continued, “A man who loves and cares for her and is supposed to be there for her has done this. I am the only one to blame. I have roles and responsibilities, and I made a stupid choice. But I have to admit my mistake. I owe everyone.”

Walker said, “It didn’t help that it was reported in the media. But I decided to at least explain myself and say it now, hoping that my wife and children will enjoy the privacy they desperately need and deserve. In football, I have achieved more than I thought. But to hurt someone I believe is truly my best friend is a huge pain.”

He also said, “Soccer has been my life since I was 6 years old, but my family is more important than anything else in the world. Now they are feeling tremendous hurt.”

After learning from Lorin that he was pregnant with his baby, Walker verbally agreed to move to Bayern Munich to escape the scandal. He did not want to leave Manchester City, but he thought he should leave England.

He added, “I tried to escape. I didn’t really want to leave Manchester City. We are currently the best team in the world. But it was a chance to get away from England and the media.”

Walker also said, “I knew there wasn’t much time left. I had gone right before I moved. We were talking. 월카지노 I was going to go to a great club, a huge club. But I couldn’t go in the end. If this happens when I’m in Germany, Annie leaves and I’m left alone in Germany. They weren’t going to be anywhere I could see them. I have pain and emotion now, but I can go home and drive my kids to school and my younger son to the soccer field.”

Walker, who played 29 games for Manchester City this season, did not move to Munich after all. Pep, the manager of Manchester City, appointed Walker as the captain despite some fans’ opposition.

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