I threw it as if there was no pitch clock’ New main catcher and perfect breathing, Plutko predicted a big success 

Only a fast ball over 150 km per hour is not an overwhelming pitch. Gaining an advantage in a timing battle with hitters with a fast pitching tempo has the same effect as a fastball. If the pitcher breaks the opponent’s batter’s rhythm, a naturally overwhelming appearance unfolds.

This is how LG starting pitcher Adam Plutko looked in an exhibition game. He already proved his pitching and control last year, but this year the tempo is even faster and he actively strikes.

This was especially true in his last exhibition match, against Jamsil SSG on the 28th. On this day, Plutko threw 61 pitches and allowed no runs without a single hit. He struck out 5 and walked 1, allowing only one on-base to Shin-soo Choo in the top of the 4th inning. As a starting pitcher, he recorded an average ERA of 0.75 in three demonstration games, a build-up process, and completed preparations for the second season of the KBO League.

The restraints aren’t that great. On this day, Plutko’s four-seam fastball’s highest speed was 146 km. However, his pitching tempo was literally lightning fast. He gave no leeway at batting and threw the next ball quickly without an interval. In addition, his ball combinations were varied. In addition to the four-seam he threw for 25, he threw 14 cutters, nine changeups, eight sliders and five curveballs. He threw all pitches using a wide strike zone, and also pitched the so-called ‘catch-up’.

This is the result of getting a hint from close range. LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said ahead of the game that Plutko was greatly influenced by Casey Kelly, who made a one-two punch together.

Manager Yeom said, “The secret to Kelly’s steady performance lies in his various pitches and ball combinations. And Plutko also references Kelly a lot. This year, we will increase the proportion of changeups compared to last year. He throws a changeup even against a right-handed hitter, and he will pitch unpredictable for hitters.”

When the fast tempo and colorful ball combinations are harmonized, the concentration of the teammates also increases. Catchers exchanging signs as well as fielders can respond to batted balls while maintaining concentration. On this day, Plutko’s tempo also played a large part in Kim Min-seong and Park Hae-min’s hobi.

He pitched at a tempo as if the major league pitch clock had been activated this season. He proved how great a weapon can be a fast tempo, a variety of pitches, and stable control. It is also a part where synergy effects can be expected with Park Dong-won, who enjoys actively competing.

After the game, Plutko said,안전놀이터 “As always, the fielders’ wonderful defense and catcher Park Dong-won helped. It is also encouraging that Park Dong-won and the match management method matched. “Today, I tried to check ‘Am I ready for the season?’ I’m ready. I am very much looking forward to the upcoming season.”

In addition, “I will show my best for the fans at the baseball field every day. We want to repay the fans by becoming champions. I want to quickly meet the fans who fill Jamsil Stadium and support me greatly,” he predicted, rising to the top in the 2023 season.

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