I feel like I’m joining the strongest team in France…Lee Kang-in won three trophies from the first season of the transfer

Lee Kang-in won three gold medals in his first season when he moved to the French stage.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), which held the 2023-2024 Coupe de France final at Stade Pierre Morois in Villeneuvedask, France, won the match 2-1 against Olympique Lyons on the 26th (Korea time). In the first half, Usman Dembele and Fabian Lewis scored back-to-back goals. Jake O’Brien was allowed to score in the second half, but he managed to keep the gap until the end and won.

Lee Kang-in, who was listed on the bench, stepped on the ground as a substitute in the 40th minute of the second half when his team was leading 2-1. He replaced Bradley Barcola, who collapsed on the ground complaining of discomfort. Although he did not play for a long time, PSG, which was one goal ahead at the end of the game, helped him not to give the opponent a chance by owning the ball.

Lee Kang-in’s first PSG season has been completed after winning the Coupe de France. Lee Kang-in, who blossomed his potential in Mallorca last season, wore a PSG uniform ahead of this season. As soon as he moved, he had a season where he felt he entered the strongest team in France. The Trope de Champéon (French Super Cup) began in January. Lee Kang-in started the match against Toulouse in the final and scored the first winning goal to lift his first trophy at PSG.

He also won his first career league championship. PSG, which is accustomed to winning the French Ligue 1, took the lead under Luis Enrique and clinched an early win with three games left, securing its third consecutive win in the tournament. In the end, it was nine points ahead of AS Monaco, which is ranking second. Lee Kang-in was away for quite some time due to injury in the early days of the season, participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Qatar Asian Cup, but he scored three goals and four assists in 23 matches and 18 matches as a starter, helping his team win the championship.

PSG was also able to garner a clean sweep of its participating competitions. It also advanced to the second half of the UEFA Champions League, which is its long-cherished dream. It made it to the semifinals by upsetting Barcelona in the quarterfinals, but failed to advance to the finals by losing 0-1 in both the first and second matches to Borussia Dortmund. Lee Kang-in, who is playing in the UCL for the first time in four years since his Valencia days, scored one goal and one assist in nine matches, including his UCL debut goal and his first appearance in the tournament. 먹튀검증

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