“I don’t need Mbappe! We have him.” →LW → Real fans are loved by LW. Why are you recruiting him

Many people are talking about the transfer of French Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid. Mbappe’s excessive demands for money. 밤알바

Recently, European media reported that Mbappe has decided to move to Real Madrid, but he is said to be in crisis again.

Mbappe’s contract with PSG ends at the end of this season and he will become a free agent. Already, Mbappe has decided not to renew his contract with PSG anymore. This means that there is no need to pay transfer fee. That is why Real Madrid decided to recruit him among the clubs that wanted to recruit him.

Mbappe wants a lot of money because he does not need a transfer fee. Media outlets say that Mbappe requested Real Madrid for an annual salary of 50 million euros (71.8 billion won) and 120 million euros (172.3 billion won) in signing bonus. Real Madrid says that this amount of money is too much to ask.

As the huge salary demand became known, fans question whether Mbappe is a necessary player for Real Madrid. In particular, the strikers have Jude Bellingham, who is leading the scoring this season, and Vinicius Junior.

In particular, the Daily Star reported on the 11th that “Real Madrid fans are raising their voices that they do not need Mbappe because Vinicius is active.” In particular, Real Madrid won a 4-0 victory against Girona, the leading competition in La Liga, on the 11th.

Vinicius scored the finishing goal to open the match 4-0. Real Madrid, which had been in first place by two points before the match, widened the gap to five points with the victory.

Vinicius fans were convinced that PSG superstar Kylian Mbappe was no longer needed in the match.

Fans say that although news about Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid has been pouring out recently, there is a growing antipathy against him due to excessive salary demands. In such a situation, fans are raising their voices on social media, saying, “Considering Vinicius’s current appearance, Mbappe will not be needed.”

Real Madrid fans are saying on X (formerly Twitter), “Mbappe can stay at PSG, Vinicius is a player who needs a song at Madrid,” “You can’t put Vinicius on the bench because of Mbappe,” “Vinius is the best left wing in the world,” “Who needs Mbappe? There are so many goals in this team and if he can’t make up his mind, just leave him in Paris,” while at the same time hoping for Mbappe to stay in Paris.

Fans are not happy about Mbappe’s transfer because it overlaps with Vinicius’ position. Vinicius plays on the left side of Real Madrid, and Mbappe is also playing well in the same position at Paris Saint-Germain. If the two players play for Real Madrid, one will inevitably change his position. Fans expect Vinicius to lose money in this case.

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