“I couldn’t even use my hands and lost” Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop’s only major defeat, then he meets the pitcher again

“At that time, I couldn’t even use my hands and lost.”

LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “We have been fighting closely this year,” and recalled one exception. The only exception is the opening match against kt on the 1st of last month. LG lost 6-11. It was a game whose content was worse than the score difference. They gave up 8 points only in the 6th inning and were drawn 1-11 until the 8th inning. Hitters struggled to even get a hit against kt starter Wes Benjamin’s skillful pitching.

At that time, Benjamin blocked 6 innings with 2 hits, no 4 walks, 4 strikeouts and 1 run, and became the winning pitcher. From the spring camp, evaluations of his excellent pitching came out, and with an ERA of 1.64 in exhibition games, it seemed to prove that this evaluation was not lip service. From here to the perfect pitch in the opening game, Benjamin’s era of success seemed to be opening.

However, the scoreless pitching ended in the opening game. Benjamin became a pitcher with more losses than victories, conceding at least three runs from his second appearance. Excluding the opening game, the average ERA in six games is 6.75, and the batting average reaches 0.303. All opponents except LG scored some points against Benjamin.

LG faces that Benjamin again. Last week, kt adjusted Benjamin’s pitching schedule by putting exclusion into the starting rotation. He placed Benjamin against LG on the 16th instead of against Lotte on the 14th, revealing his intention to maintain his opponent’s overall advantage with an additional two days of rest.

The opening game and now LG have changed a lot. different from other lines. The starting lineup for the opening match was Seo Kun-chang, Park Hae-min, Austin Dean, Park Dong-won, Oh Ji-hwan, Kim Hyun-soo, Song Chan-eui, Moon Bo-kyung, and Hong Chang-ki.

Lastly, in the Daegu Samsung game on the 13th against a left-handed starting pitcher, Hong Chang-ki, Park Hae-min, Kim Hyun-soo, Austin, Oh Ji-hwan, Moon Bo-gyeong, Park Dong-won, Lee Jae-won, and Kim Min-seong were put in the starting lineup.메이저사이트

Although left-handed batters are the main lineup, he was not weak against left-handed pitchers. This year’s batting average against left-handed pitchers is 0.296 and OPS 0.833, both leading the league. Moon Sung-joo (OPS 0.847) Hong Chang-ki (0.852) Moon Bo-kyung (1.041) was a left-handed hitter but was very strong against left-handed pitchers. The key right-hander Park Dong-won’s OPS against left-handed pitchers is 1.411.

It has been 45 days since the opening match, when they couldn’t even use their hands, and LG and Benjamin are different from that time. What will be the outcome of the reunion?

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