“I asked you to make some drinks, right?”… Son in his 40s who killed his mother by stepping on his head

Prosecutors requested 10 years in prison for a man in his 40s who was accused of beating his mother to death because she did not prepare him a drink.

According to News 1 on the 27th, the Jeju District Prosecutors’ Office requested the court to sentence Mr. A (41), who was handed over to trial on charges of causing injury to a relative짱구카지노 도메인 and causing death, to 10 years in prison at the 2nd Criminal Division hearing of the Jeju District Court the previous day.

At about 7 pm on May 17th, Mr. A grabbed his 60-year-old mother, Mr. B, by the collar and knocked her down at an apartment located in Donghong-dong, Seogwipo-si, causing her to hit her head on the floor, and then stepped on her head with his foot and died the next day. He is suspected of causing death.

The next day, Mr. A directly reported to 112 that “her mother lost consciousness.” However, when the police arrived at the scene, Ms. B was already dead, and when the police discovered circumstances of her murder, including head trauma, on Ms. B’s body, they urgently arrested Ms. A at the scene. . As a result of the autopsy, Mr. B’s cause of death was determined to be ‘head injury’.

Ms. A denied the charges at the trial on this day. At the first trial, Mr. A said, “I asked my mother to make me a fried egg for a snack, but she didn’t do it, so I got angry.” He continued, “At that time, I grabbed my mother’s collar and nudged her by about 10 cm, and then touched my mother’s face where she was sitting with the lower part of my palm. He claimed, “I just hit him and there was no fact that he caused his death.”

Mr. A’s lawyer said on this day, “It is difficult to say that the accusation that the defendant beat the victim to death has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt,” and “Based on the neighbors’ statements, the victim’s health appears to have deteriorated since the beginning of the year, and she complains of constant dizziness.” “We cannot rule out the possibility that the victim fell to the floor and injured his head,” he argued.

Regarding this, the prosecution pointed out, “Based on the family’s statement, it appears that the defendant has habitually beaten the victim in the past,” and “Despite causing the victim’s death, he denies the crime and is not reflecting on it.”

The sentencing hearing for Mr. A is scheduled for next month.

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