Hyundai Motors Namyang R&D Center B, which achieved a more valuable championship than ever

Despite the sad news, he did not waver. He showed an unfiltered desire to win. They achieved what they wished for, gave them the best gifts and prayed for their recovery.

Hyundai Motor Company Namyang R&D Center B was led by Lee Ha-jun, who scored 25 points, including 5 3-pointers, in the final of the 1st round of the EVISU SPORTS Cup 2023 The K Employee Basketball League ( held at the gym near Gwanak-gu, Seoul on the 2nd. With the help of Kim Jung-wook (15 points, 4 rebounds) and Gwon Oh-sol (10 points, 8 rebounds, 4 steals), the mainstay, they defeated Mirae Asset 76-67 and lifted the championship trophy. My hands were sweating until the end. Regardless of the score difference, both teams gave the best performance they could show and drew applause. He did not lose his concentration at every moment and showed his desire to win without filtering. When the closing buzzer rang, players from both teams spared no encouragement and promised the next match.

It was the same yet different, different yet the same Hyundai Motors Namyang R&D Center B and Mirae Asset. An outstanding center firmly held the center, and there were slashers and shooters to shake at every critical moment. Super Ace was on one side and Joker on the other, preparing for the variable.

In that respect, Hyundai Motors Namyang R&D Center B had more cards than Mirae Asset. It was possible to pursue quantity and efficiency at the same time. On the other hand, Mirae Asset had to efficiently use available resources. I had to pay attention to both physical strength and foul management.

Mirae Asset needed to take the lead in the early stages. Park Jin-seo actively used it. After he settled down in the net, he gave the ball and charged towards the rim. It didn’t matter who the defender was. He did everything he could. Captain Shin Ji-soo also shook the defense by using the mid-range and breakthrough rather than the 3-point line.

Hyundai Motors Namyang R&D Center B used Jo Jung-won, a new employee, instead of caring for Joker Kim Jeong-wook. He, along with Lee Ha-joon, put pressure on the front line based on the vigorous activity. Sometimes he made a shot from outside the 3-point line, and he scored on the fast break. In the midst of this, Kwon Oh-sol, the main beam, faced a crisis of committing 3 fouls in the first quarter only, but Hong Joon-young, Kim Yun-tae, and even Kang Yun-hyuk were used to fill the void.

However, things were different when Kwon Oh-sol committed his 4th foul in the middle of the 2nd quarter. There was Park Seong-cheol in the aforementioned three, but considering Kwon Oh-sol’s influence within the team, his teammates could be shaken mentally. Instead of confronting head-on in the low post, head coach Lee Min-young put in Kim Jung-wook and Park Seung-ryeon at the same time, and established a strategy to gain an advantage over the opponent with breakthrough power and shooting with Lee Ha-jun. Lee Ha-jun met the manager’s expectations by scoring eight points, including two successful three-pointers in the second quarter alone. Kwon Oh-sol’s void was filled by Hong Joon-young with all his might.

Mirae Asset invested Park Hee-cheol to further expand the range of activities. It was intended to utilize the passwork shown in the last game. Park Hee-cheol lived up to his teammates’ expectations and helped his teammates score by handing the pass at just the right time. Shin Ji-soo and Oh Young-jin struggled to shoot, but Oh Kyu-jin responded to the opponent’s offensive by hitting a shot from the mid-range, his long-term skill.

Even in the second half, the situation did not change메이저사이트. Lee Min-young, director of Hyundai Motor Company’s Namyang R&D Center B, showed tenacity not to put in Kwon Oh-sol until the middle of the third quarter. Instead, he led Lee Ha-jun, Kim Jeong-wook, and Ahn Jun-mo into a physical fitness match by making full use of running basketball. Lee Ha-jun made a successful 3-point shot, while Kim Jeong-wook and Ahn Jun-mo broke through gaps in the opponent’s defense and scored. In addition, Kim Yun-tae raised the score from under the goal and raised the morale of the team to the fullest.

Mirae Asset took the lead in Park Jin-seo, Park Hee-chul, and Shin Ji-soo, who showed a brief lull in the second quarter. He was active on the fast break and participated in the rebound fight. He scored from under the goal and shook the opponent’s defense. Hyundai Motors Namyang R&D Center B put Kwon Oh-sol in to confront him, but he was rather focused on the foul and got a handshake that distracted him from concentration. Park Jin-seo took advantage of this situation and pushed hard and repeated scoring.

It was the same in the 4th quarter. Kwon Oh-sol and Kim Yun-tae at Hyundai Motor Company’s Namyang R&D Center B, and Shin Ji-soo and Oh Gyu-jin at Mirae Asset suffered from foul trouble. The players of both teams on the court had a hard time, and they used their weapons generously to confront them.

In the midst of this, in the middle of the 4th quarter, Hyundai Motor Company Namyang R&D Center B pulled out the hidden card first. Instead of low-post, Kim Jung-wook was actively used. Kim Jung-wook persistently dug into gaps in the opponent’s defense, scored goals, and repeatedly drew fouls. Here, Mirae Asset faced bad news that captain Shin Ji-soo committed the 5th foul while blocking Kim Jeong-wook’s breakthrough in the middle of the 4th quarter and left the court.

The game started to fluctuate rapidly. In Hyundai Motor Company’s Namyang R&D Center B, unlike the previous quarter, Kwon Oh-sol increased his concentration and scored consecutively from the bottom of the goal, showing a better look than the main team. Kim Yun-tae’s 5th foul at the beginning of the 4th quarter and leaving the court served as a stimulus. In addition, Hong Joon-young and Lee Ha-jun also participated in scoring to widen the gap.

For Mirae Asset, Hwang Jae-joon and Park Jin-seo kept the bottom of the goal, while Park Hee-cheol and Oh Gyu-jin struggled in the mid-range and did their best until the end. Park Jin-seo shook the opponent’s defense by persistently digging under his goal. However, Park Hee-chul’s breakthrough was blocked by Hyundai Motor Company’s Namyang R&D Center B defense, so the gap could not be narrowed. Hyundai Motor Company’s Namyang R&D Center B, who seized the victory, confirmed the championship with Lee Ha-joon’s 3-point shot right before the end, and at the same time, raised the belief that he would overcome toward Jeong Hae-yang, who was being treated for a brain tumor. On the other hand, as the best player of the tournament, Lee Ha-Jun, who performed very well throughout the tournament, scoring 25 points in the finals alone, was selected.

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