Hwang In-beom, the national team of ‘large-scale transfer rumors’, “It’s a big club, but it’s important to play steadily”

“It doesn’t matter which big club you go to, but I believe our players will find a place where they can continue to play and stay in good shape.”

The Korean men’s soccer team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, will have its second friendly match in June against El Salvador at Daejeon World Cup Stadium at 8:00 pm on the 20th.

On the afternoon of the 18th, the Korea Football Association (KFA) conducted an interview with Lee Jae-sung and Hwang In-beom in the mixed zone of this stadium. Standing in front of the reporters, Hwang In-beom said, “Unfortunately, the players were starved because we couldn’t bring good results (in the last game against Peru). We couldn’t show a good performance both as a team and personally. We will prepare well and show a good performance in the next game.” It gave strength to the voice.

Klins Manho players are recently linked to rumors of a major transfer. Kim Min-jae was embroiled in rumors of a transfer to Manchester United and Bayern Munich, and Lee Kang-in to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). When asked if the players were talking to each other, Hwang In-beom said, “I’m contacting them through articles. ‘Min-jae, are you going here?’ ‘Kang In-ah, are you going here?’ ‘Hee-chan, are you going here?’ .Which big club you go to is important, but I believe that our players will find a place where they can continue to play and maintain good form. I worry a lot to make Korean fans happy.”

Regarding the transfer news related to himself, he added, “There is no specific. I am happy if I can show a good image wherever I am.”메이저놀이터 추천

After last year, I visited (Daejeon World Cup Stadium) after a long time. Whenever I come, I always feel at home. Personally, I think the best stadium in Korea is Daejeon World Cup Stadium. We will prepare to show good performance in a great stadium.

– It would be nice to give coach Klinsman his first win in a great stadium, but

even before the first game, the captain, Heung-min hyung, told me that story. Unfortunately, it did not bring good results, so the players were also hungry for victory. In the first game, I couldn’t show a good performance as a team and personally. I will prepare well and show a good performance in the next game.

– Two midfielders played against Peru, and three midfielders played during Bento’s days. What are the changes?

Last March, I think the performance against Peru was not good either. I don’t think it’s because of the number of midfielders. Even in March, I didn’t get results, but I did the soccer I wanted to do. Since there were only two midfielders in the last game against Peru, it seems difficult to say that they lacked control of the midfield. However, when defending or attacking, we had to move organically and create space. No matter who plays, work is needed to make up for the poor performance of the last game. We had a meeting about it before training.

– Hong Hyun-seok expressed that he likes Hwang In-beom. How would you rate Hong Hyun-seok as a senior?

It doesn’t seem like he’s a senior, but this is the first time Hyun-seok has trained together. I felt that he was a good player because he had so much. He is honored to leave such a nice comment about me. He plays with me, and when I train, he seems to be a really good player. Not only Hyun-seok, but all players who have been called up for the first time and young players can show all their strengths. I’m middle in age, but in terms of the number of matches for the national team, I’m not a senior, but a senior. Our role is to help players regain their confidence. I think I was a little lacking in the last game. In the next game, experienced players should show.

– If coach Klinsman’s attack-oriented soccer plays well, can you show more creativity?

In the last game, there were many areas where the team was lacking. I will tell you a personal story. I have to admit that there was a gap with my recent performance. There may be many reasons, but it’s been a long time since I played the last game, so the sensuous part fell off. Even as I ran, I felt that my reaction was delayed. I should have made fewer mistakes, but it was a pity that I couldn’t. He recovered from the last game. The coach and coaching staff always give me the ‘mission to quickly take the tempo as a link between offense and defense’. I want to show a better image by polishing it in more detail.

– Your friend Kim Min-jae is connected to great teams such as Manchester United, Bayern Munich, and Paris Saint-Germain. I think the players will talk a lot.안전놀이터

approached as an article. She does say things like ‘Minjae, are you going here?’ ‘Kangin, are you going here?’ ‘Heechan, are you going here?’ Because we are careful with each other, we cannot talk about specifics. It doesn’t matter which big club you go to, but I believe that our players will find a place where they can continue to play and keep in good shape. I put a lot of thought into making Korean fans happy.

– What about you?

There is nothing. I’m happy if I can show a good image no matter where I am.

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