“How dare you touch a wild horse?” Puig was hit in the face by his opponent while drying the bench-clearing… “If Puig hadn’t been stopped, I would have crushed the player I hit.”

Yasiel Puig was struck in the face during a Venezuelan winter league game.

Dodgers Nation posted a video on the 26th (Korea time) of Puig being hit in the face by an opponent while drying his team’s player in a bench-clearing situation that occurred during the game 라바카지노.

In the video, Puig was stopping the fight with the players tangled up when one of his opponents suddenly hit Puig hard in the face.

Outraged by this, Puig jumped at the player, but his teammates stopped him, which did not lead to any more unsavory things.

Dodgers fans who watched the video ridiculed Puig for hitting him. One fan wrote, “How dare you touch a wild baby?” Some fans also wrote, “If Puig hadn’t been stopped, Puig would have crushed that player.”

Puig participates in the Venezuelan winter league, where he has been hitting hard in the playoffs as well as in the regular season. He now plays in the championship series.

There have been reports that some major league teams are interested in recruiting Puig, but it does not lead to a contract.

Puig sought to return to the Major League after playing for the KBO Kiwoom Heroes in the 2022 season, but he is also currently in a court battle after being embroiled in an illegal sports gambling case.

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