‘Hosting country’ Argentina, which failed to qualify for the finals, advances to the round of 16 with 3 wins, USA also ‘perfect’ advance to the round of 16

Host country Argentina enjoyed the home advantage properly.

Argentina won 5-0 against New Zealand in the 3rd match of Group A of the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup held at San Juan Stadium on the 27th (Korean time). Argentina, which previously confirmed its advance to the round of 16 by beating Uzbekistan 2-1 and Guademala 3-0, finished the group stage with a 3-0 win, even finishing the final match with a sweeping victory. It emerged as a strong ‘winner’.메이저놀이터

At first, Argentina failed to advance to the finals as they were eliminated from the South American qualifiers. Manager Javier Mascherano, who had expressed his intention to resign, was also retained. As soon as the finals begin, they are showing a strong appearance. Argentina, which reached the round of 16 in the Polish tournament in 2019, will challenge its first championship in 16 years in this tournament held at home. Argentina will play one of the top 3 teams in Groups C, D and E in the round of 16.

Argentina scored three goals in the first half alone. In the 14th minute of the first half, Ignacio Maestro Puch scored the opening goal. Three minutes later, Gino Infantino scored an extra goal. In the 35th minute, even Luca Romero joined the scoring procession. It didn’t stop here. In the 5th minute of the second half, Brian Aguirre’s penalty kick made it 4-0, foreshadowing victory. In the 42nd minute of the second half, Alejo Bellis finished a clothesline cross from Maximo Peron from the left with a high RBI header to score a key goal. Bellis, who scored three consecutive goals and the third goal in the tournament, rose to the top of the scoring rankings with Marcos Leonardo (Brazil) and Justin Quero (Ecuador).

In the Group A match held at the Santiago del Estero Stadium at the same time, Uzbekistan defeated Guatemala 2-0 and advanced to the round of 16 with 2nd place in the group (4 points, 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss). Shakzozon Nemachonov scored consecutive goals in the 9th and 20th minutes to lead Uzbekistan to victory. New Zealand, which is third in the group with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss (4 points), can expect to advance to the round of 16 depending on the results of other groups. New Zealand (-4 goals) has the same number of points as Uzbekistan (+1 goal), but is behind in goal difference and is in third place.

The United States, the “powerhouse of North and Central America,” also advanced to the round of 16 with three victories. The USA beat Slovakia 2-0 in the third match of Group B at San Juan Stadium. After defeating Ecuador 1-0 in the first match and Fiji 3-0 in the second match, the U.S. secured a ticket to the round of 16 with a perfect race of ‘no loss’. Cade Kerwell was responsible for the second consecutive goal and the winning goal, and Nicholas Chakiris exploded a key goal in extra time in the second half. Group 1 ranked USA will play one of the top 3 teams in Groups A, C and D in the round of 16.

In the other game, Ecuador defeated Fiji 9-0 and took second place in Group B (6 points, 2 wins, 1 loss). Slovakia is in 3rd place with 3 points (1 win, 2 losses).

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