Home stadium renovation work, does it make money? Barcelona announces ‘2 trillion won’ super-large investment

Barcelona, ​​a prestigious Spanish football club,토토사이트 will receive a large-scale investment of more than 2 trillion won to repair its home stadium ‘Camp Nou’. Yesterday (27th) Barcelona chairman Juan Laporta said, “We have finished the financial management plan. This is an official announcement,” and announced that construction will begin this summer. The home stadium, ‘Cam Nou’, opened in 1957 and accommodated more than 99,000 people and was the largest football stadium in Europe, but it needed renovation work due to its long history. Remodeling will increase the size to 105,000 seats, and complex facilities such as hotels and offices will be built around the stadium. Barcelona, ​​which has suffered from severe financial difficulties in recent years, is trying to turn things around with this project. ‘New World’ that Barcelona dreams of, 〈Sports Mug〉 delivers.

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