‘HERE WE GO’ Tottenham’s new coach is ‘Oh Hyeon-kyu teacher’ Postecoglu, SON + Furuhashi ‘Korea-Japan Combi’ born?

Son Heung-min’s new teacher was finally decided.토토사이트 ‘Oh Hyun-kyu’s teacher’ Ange Postecoglu is the Celtic manager.

European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano said on his personal SNS on the 6th (Korean time), ‘Tottenham will appoint Postecoglu as a new manager. The transaction has already been completed,’ he said. The day before, ‘Tottenham finished a verbal agreement with manager Postecoglu. The 2-year contract includes an option for a 1-year extension. His contract will run until 2026. Romano, who said that only an agreement with Celtic remained,’ followed shortly by,’ Celtic and Tottenham even agreed to compensation. Postecoglu also accepted all terms. Now, only the details are left.” In fact, it is safe to say that Postecoglu’s move to Tottenham is confirmed, as it has even attached the unique ‘HERE WE GO’ that corresponds to the official.

Even the British BBC said through breaking news that ‘Postecoglu has agreed to become Tottenham’s new manager on a two-year contract. An official announcement will be made when the final details are finalized.”

The airflow has changed. Even at first, Postecoglu made staying Celtic a priority. Celtic’s determination is so strong, and manager Postecoglu didn’t find the move to Tottenham too attractive. Postecoglu said in a recent interview about the ‘Tottenham transfer rumor’, “Everyone asks me about it. I want to focus on winning. The position can be attractive to some people, but not to me.” It was a firm refusal.

But the mood changed after beating Inverness to win the Scottish Cup. Postecoglu, who had won the domestic treble in the league, league cup and Scottish Cup, had nothing more to accomplish. Postecoglu wanted a new challenge and accepted Tottenham’s offer. In the end, Tottenham’s search for a new manager also came to an end.

Tottenham’s search for a new manager was difficult enough to be described as difficult. Tottenham sacked manager Antonio Conte in March over poor performance. Coach Conte led Tottenham to the European Champions League last year, but this season, he insisted on tactics such as Ivan Perisic, and did not achieve the expected results. Afterwards, assistant coach Christian Stellini, who was Conte’s right-hand man, took over as acting manager. However, Acting Stellini also suffered a 1-6 shock loss to Newcastle and left the team as if kicked out. Tottenham has entrusted the position of acting manager to coach Ryan Mason, who led the team in the past. However, director Mason also fell short of expectations. Tottenham failed to even qualify for the Europa Conference League. It was the first time in 13 years since the 2009-2010 season that Tottenham failed to compete in the European competition.

Seeking a rebound, Tottenham put all their efforts into a new command tower. Former manager Mauricio Pochettino, former Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann, Leverkusen manager Xabi Alonso, and Roberto De Zerbi Brighton manager were all on the list. Negotiations were difficult, however, as general manager Fabio Paratici left the team after being punished. To make matters worse, even advancing to the European club competition was virtually frustrated, making it even more difficult. The masters that Tottenham wanted seldom wanted to go to Tottenham. Coach Nagelsmann, who was the most promising candidate, wanted the right to recruit players and the right to appoint a general manager, and negotiations broke down abruptly.

Arne Slot Feyenoord coach Arne Slot was next on the list. Director Slot also announced the possibility of going to Tottenham by saying, “See you in London.” Multiple British media have also reported that ‘Tottenham has nominated manager Slot as the next command tower. We will send an official proposal soon.” However, the choice of coach slot was to stay. Tottenham hesitated to spend a huge penalty on manager Slott. “I’ve heard a lot about other clubs showing interest in me,” said Slott. “There has never been a transfer discussion and there never will be. Yesterday’s discussion was only about the possibility of a contract extension. I look forward to the new season at Feyenoord.” Eventually, on the 26th of last month, the official announcement of the renewal of the contract came out.

Former manager Mauricio Pochettino, whom the fans wanted at heart, chose to go to Chelsea. A fan posted a photo on social media of him burning Pochettino’s autobiography. Taking the helm of London rivals Chelsea came as a shock to fans. He was angry, posting posts such as ‘I hope Pochettino will be worth it as if he completely destroys Tottenham’s legacy’ and ‘I hope he will lose all games and be unemployed by Christmas’, but in reality, Chairman Daniel Levy made a proposal to manager Pochettino. It is known that he did not even do it. The anger of the fans intensified.

Tottenham quickly started looking for a new manager, and Postecoglu was eventually dropped. Postecoglu has led Celtic since 2021. Having worked for Melbourne Victory, the Australian national team, and Yokohama Marinos in the Japanese J-League in the past, Postecoglu, who entered Europe for the first time, exploded his potential at Celtic. In his first season in office, he won the Scottish Premiership and the League Cup, achieving a double with an unconventional policy that favors players from Japan. Coach Posteco Glu, who regained the title lost to Rangers and gained absolute support from the fans, deepened his colors this season. He even achieved a treble this season. It was Celtic’s eighth career treble.

Coach Postecoglu plays hot attacking football, scoring over 100 goals in the league. Here, there is no prejudice, such as expanding the door to Asian players. Recruiting Oh Hyun-gyu was also chosen by coach Postecoglu, and he also pushed for the recruitment of other Korean players. It is a weakness that there is no big league experience, but as much as the ability that has been shown so far, it is not inferior to catching the Tottenham baton. Of course, from the perspective of Tottenham fans, it is clear that he is a rather weak manager.

Postecoglu is expected to carry out reforms at Tottenham quickly. His interest is, of course, whether or not to use Japanese players. As mentioned earlier, coach Postecoglu had a lot of fun using Japanese players for elements at Celtic. The British media predicted that the same trend would continue at Tottenham. Already The Sun reported exclusively that ‘Tottenham is promoting the recruitment of Kyoko Furuhashi as a replacement for Harry Kane, who may leave the team’. Furuhashi is like the persona of Postecoglu, who won the Scottish League top scorer this season with 27 goals. In this case, the Korean-Japanese ace combination Son Heung-min and Furuhashi was born.

From Son Heung-min’s point of view, he prefers attack soccer, and as a coach with a high understanding of Asian players has entered, there are many positive aspects expected. Son Heung-min had the best season by winning the top scorer in the 2021-2022 season, but last season he had to be content with a double-digit score. Of course, the record of double-digit scoring and double-digit attack points for 7 consecutive seasons is enormous, but the current gaze at Son Heung-min is not good enough to talk about the aging curve. From the point of view of Son Heung-min, who has to rebound, a new manager is inevitably important, but it is clear that the composition is not bad. There is also a relationship that clashed in the final of the Asian Cup in Australia in 2015. At that time, Australia won the championship by winning 2-1, and the manager at the time was Postecoglu. Son Heung-min took the match to overtime with a dramatic equalizer.

How Postecoglu will change Tottenham and what kind of collaboration he will make with Son Heung-min, Tottenham’s new season is already raising expectations.

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