Hell training → Minimum error ‘1st place’…Samsung young blood, defense power ‘water’ rose

“Our young players are growing.”

Could it be the effect of hell training? Samsung is showing off good defense in the 2023 season. 1st place in the league with the least errors. It is especially encouraging that the ‘young blood’ are doing well. The water has risen.

Samsung recorded a total of 10 errors in 24 games until April. the lowest number of errors. 2nd place Lotte has 13 in 22 games, and 3rd place KIA has 16 in 23 games. Even though I played more games than them, I made fewer errors.

It should be seen as the result of hard work during the off-season. Manager Park Jin-man, who led the team as an acting manager last year, was appointed as the official command tower. He was a shortstop representing an era, called the ‘national shortstop’. He was a player who needs no words on defense.

He naturally has a high ‘standard’ for his players. And he concluded that what was needed was a lot of training. “During the Beijing Olympics, the last batted ball in the ninth inning came to me, and my hair went white. But the body moved. He has to make it that way,” he stressed.

First of all, at last year’s finish camp, I trained so that a sweet smell came out of my mouth. In this year’s spring camp, strong training continued. Particular attention was paid to improving the skills of young players. Coach Son Joo-in stuck with him and took care of the young players.

It is true that there were concerns. Kim Sang-soo, who played the role of infield commander, went to KT as he obtained FA qualification. Prior to the start of the season, center fielder Kim Hyeon-joon suffered a fracture and was out for a long period of time, and catcher Kim Jae-seong also missed due to a side injury. It looks like the center line is very loose.

Still, the results are good. First of all, we can see the growth of Lee Jae-hyun, who is playing as the starting shortstop. In his second year, he is showing a more stable figure. He has only one error in 24 games. His lake rain was also seen several times.

Kim Ji-chan also looks different. He played 23 games, committing only two errors. He went 22 in 113 games last year, 0.19 per game, and 0.09 this year.

On top of that, Kim Young-woong shows off a fantastic diving catch against Suwon KT on April 30th, showing an improved appearance in defense, and rookie Kim Jae-sang also appears relatively stable.

In the field, there is an evaluation that “Samsung selected the beast well and raised it well.” Baseball is basically a ‘pitcher play’, but the stability of the field team is also important. This is the reason why we were able to send Kim Sang-soo, who was a great infielder, and why we were able to trade veteran Lee Won-seok.

Of course, you can’t judge everything by the number of mistakes. However, no error means that there are few ‘variables’. Of course, it helps to run the game. It’s a mistake that the more you don’t have it, the better. It’s nice to be this way.안전놀이터

In the case of the infield, it is also great that there is a strong supporter of Oh Jae-il at first base. Oh Jae-il also said, “I’m holding it casually so that the beasts can throw it comfortably.” caring invisible All that remains is to continue the current good pace.

Manager Park Jin-man said, “There are many injuries in our team, and it is a difficult situation. The young players are having a good experience. It is a long race. The power of depth is important. That way you get good grades. It is a good opportunity for players. He emphasized that he was playing well, so he was winning streaks.

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