“He died after drinking it without knowing it was a high-caffeine drink”… American college student’s family sues company

The family of a college student who died after drinking a high-caffeine drink at an American cafe chain has filed a lawsuit against the company.

According to a report by NBC News and others on the 23rd (local time), Sarah Katz (21 years old at the time), who was a student at the University of Pennsylvania, bought a drink called ‘Charged Lemonade’ at a ‘Panera Bread’ store in Philadelphia on September 10 last year. He went into cardiac메이저사이트 arrest a few hours after drinking the drink.

He was taken to the hospital and treated, but eventually died. The cause of his death was ‘cardiac arrhythmia due to long QT syndrome.’ Long QT syndrome is an incurable disease that poses a risk of sudden death due to the prolongation of the QT interval (the time it takes from heart contraction to relaxation) for unknown reasons on an electrocardiogram. Katz was reportedly diagnosed with this syndrome at the age of five.

In response, Katz’s family filed a lawsuit against Parena Bread, claiming that the company did not inform consumers about the caffeine content of the beverage, even though caffeine can have fatal effects on those suffering from heart disease, including long QT syndrome.

The family’s attorney argued that Katz had been managing the condition well since childhood, avoided energy drinks on doctor’s advice, and was unaware of the caffeine content of the drinks on the day of his death.

In addition, the bereaved family said that the lemonade that Katz consumed contained guarana extract, a stimulant, and contained more caffeine than two standard cans of energy drinks Red Bull and Monster Energy combined, but this was not disclosed, and there was no information about this in the store. Pointed out something that wasn’t there.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns that large amounts of caffeine can pose a risk to people with other underlying diseases in addition to heart disease, pregnant women, and children.

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