“Han Donghee is out of injury for 4~6 weeks.” What if I didn’t bring Kim Minsung

“What would you have done if you didn’t bring Kim Min Sung?”

Lotte is facing a major crisis. Following the main outfielder Kim Min-seok, the third baseman Han Dong-hee suffered a ruptured internal oblique muscle.

Han Dong-hee was replaced during the match as he felt pain while hitting the SSG game, and was diagnosed with a ruptured internal abdominal muscle after two thorough examinations. Although he insists on going on a business trip, saying, “I am not sick,” the club decided to let Han Dong-hee sit out as a manager.

It takes about four to six weeks to recover from the injury. Intragastric muscle rupture is an injury that requires a longer rehabilitation period as no other exercise is allowed. There is nothing I can do, so I have to wait for the passage of time. I have to start training and regain my senses to be able to return to the game. It is an injury that makes it difficult to return to the game early.

Lotte acquired FA Kim Min-sung through sign-and-trade last winter. It gave up Kim Min-soo to LG. 고소득알바

Kim Min-sung, who can play all positions in the infield, was originally going to leave the second base where An Chi-hong escaped. He trained mostly as a second baseman in the spring camp.

However, Han Dong-hee was injured and the plan needed to be revised.

He has no choice but to write a scenario in which he uses Kim Min-sung as a third baseman and puts alternative resources such as Park Seung-wook at second base.

Even if another player enters the third base, Kim Min-sung should be responsible for the second base. Either way, Kim Min-sung’s presence is great. Without Kim Min-sung, the Lotte infield could have collapsed.

It can be said that Han Dong-hee’s pace was so good that it was more regrettable.

Han Dong-hee is scheduled to join the military in June. Nevertheless, she sweated a lot last winter.

Kang Jung-ho, who has emerged as a new batting instructor, went to study abroad and refined his batting mechanism.

Han was full of confidence. Before joining the military, he expressed his ambition to hit 20 home runs. It was no use crying to himself. “With the current mechanism and pace, I can completely achieve my goal of hitting 20 before June,” Lotte manager Kim Tae-hyung said.

However, the injury destroyed everything. We are not sure whether he will be able to go on a business trip to a normal game before joining the military. We need to think that Han Dong-hee is absent and come up with a plan.

This is why Kim Min-sung’s importance has grown. He is a player who can play stable defense in any position, whether it is second base or third base. He is a player who can hit about 25%, which is the cut line of the infielder’s batting average, so he can be said to be more reliable.

Kim Min-sung, a former promising player who joined the team as the 13th pick in the second round of the Lotte 2nd nomination in 2007, will wear the Lotte uniform again this season after going through Lotte, Kiwoom, and LG.

Since his debut in 2007, he has played in 1,695 games and posted a career batting average of 0.269. Last year, he played all infield positions at LG, contributing greatly to his first win in 29 years.

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