Gwangju Sandro, suspended for 60 days for ‘driving without a license’… Applied from 14R

 Sandro of Gwangju FC is being disciplined.

The Korea Professional Football Federation (KFA) announced that it had taken a 60-day suspension from participating in K-League official matches for Sandro, a Gwangju player who was found to have been driving without an international driver’s license.먹튀검증

As a result of this action, the federation will first ban Sandro from participating in the game, and later hold a reward and punishment committee to take formal disciplinary action.

Sandro’s ban from participating in the game will be applied from the 14th round of the K-League 1, which will be held on the 20th (Sat).

‘Activity Suspension’ is a temporary suspension of K-League-related activities for 60 days (can be extended up to 90 days) if it is difficult to review the reward and punishment committee within a short period of time for misconduct that causes social controversy or damages K-League values. It is an action.

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