GOLFZON opens regular tour of ‘2023 season GTOUR’ with total prize money of 1.3 billion won

Golfzon Co., Ltd. announced on the 25th that it will open the splendid curtain of the 2023 season GTOUR men’s and women’s regular tour with a total prize money of 1.3 billion won, starting with the finals of the ‘2023 Shinhan Investment & Securities GTOUR Men’s Tournament 1’ at Golfzon Joymaru in Daejeon on the 28th.

GTOUR, which has been held for 12 years this year, has gone beyond a new golf tour model presented by Golfzon and has now established itself as a genre in the golf tour industry, and continues to play a strong bridge role between screen golf tours and professional golf tours. GTOUR’s long box office success cannot be overlooked by the excellent technology of Golfzon, the number one screen golf player. The competition is held in the TWOVISION PRO tour mode, which realizes a competition environment more similar to that of the field, and a dual plate is applied that separates the batting part from the hitting part and expresses more than 100 slopes similar to real golf courses. You can enjoy a more realistic screen golf game.

Golfzon has provided the pleasure of watching professional players’ games through GTOUR even in the off-season field tour summer and winter. 스포츠토토 It is creating a positive wind in the development of the domestic golf industry. Since last year, all games will be broadcast live on the Screen Golf Zone channel, Naver, Daum Sports, and YouTube Golf Zone channels. From the 2023 season, global transmission will be carried out to eight countries in Southeast Asia, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, through SPOTV channel TV and OTT services. 

With the recent launch of the GTOUR website, you can more conveniently check various information related to GTOUR, including tournaments, player information, past records, photos and videos, and events. In addition, a monitoring function that allows you to check the live video and leaderboard of the tournament at a glance has improved accessibility to screen golf tournament viewing, and the newly renovated GTOUR website can be checked through the official Golfzon website or mobile app.

In this GTOUR 1st round, with a total prize money of 70 million won and a championship prize of 15 million won, the top 5 GTOUR target points for the 2022 season, the top 60 qualifiers including the previous season winners, and the top 4 other than the qualifiers among rookies, the competition committee Up to 68 pros, including selected invited players, will participate. After the end of the first round, a cut-off method is applied to select 40 players to advance to the second round, and they will repay the expectations of screen golf fans who have been waiting for the new season of GTOUR through fierce play with the season opening. The tournament course is played on the GTOUR Valley Course, a virtual golf course, and 36-hole stroke scores are added together in a two-round, four-player play method.

As for the point of watching the tournament, a tense confrontation between Dong-ho Keum, the winner of the grand prize in the 2022 season, and Seong-hoon Lee, who unfortunately gave up the grand prize in a reverse game in the last championship and won the prize money, is expected. In addition, players with outstanding skills such as Kim Min-soo, who is active on the field and screen who won the Shinhan Investment & Securities KPGA Korean Tour last October and last season’s championship, and Kim Hong-taek, who has a personal record of 10 wins in GTOUR, are expected to have a close game. Attention is focusing on which player will receive the honor of winning the first championship of the long-awaited season.

On the other hand, Shinhan Investment & Securities participated as the main sponsor for the ‘2023 GTOUR Men’s 1st Competition’, and Dunlop Sports Korea, Golf Buddy, and Rolling Rolly will serve as sub sponsors. The tournament will be broadcast live on the day of the match through the Screen Golf Zone channel, Naver Sports, Daum Sports, and Golf Zone YouTube channels, with the first round at 9:00 and the second round at 13:30.

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