“Give up Sancho and get 13 goals and 5 assists.” Manchester United decides to make a surprise swap deal

Manchester United (Manchester United) pulled out a swap deal card.

The British media ‘Manchester Evening News’ reported on the 20th (Korea Standard Time) that “Manchester United is pushing for a swap deal to change Jadon Sancho (23) and Donial Malan (24) this summer.”

Manchester United’s performance this season is disappointing. Having played 28 matches in the Premier League, Manchester United is ranking sixth with only 47 points from 15 wins, two draws and 11 losses.

The team hardly displayed strong performance in the European competition. Manchester United was humiliatingly eliminated after posting the worst record of one win, one draw and four losses in six matches at the Group A of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League.

The lack of scoring ability is pointed out as a problem for Manchester United. Manchester United scored only 39 points in 28 league games this season. In the league, only five teams scored less than Manchester United.

Recruitment of a new striker has emerged as Manchester United’s goal. As the future of players such as Anthony Martial and Mason Greenwood is uncertain this summer, it is necessary to recruit a replacement.

Among them, Malan was listed on Manchester United’s list of candidates for recruitment. According to the report, Manchester United is showing a firm interest in recruiting Malan to reinforce its offense this summer.

Malan is fully qualified to play for Manchester United. As a key striker for Dortmund this season, he has proved his worth by scoring 13 goals and five assists in all of the games.

Some even talk about recruiting players. Manchester United plans to propose a swap deal to Dortmund in exchange for Sancho and Malan, who recently rebounded from Dortmund.

Sancho left Dortmund and joined Manchester United back in 2021. Manchester United had high expectations, investing £72 million (W120 billion) into his acquisition.

The performance was disappointing given the transfer fee. Sancho Panza had difficulty adapting himself to the Premier League. He failed to display breakthrough and scoring capacity as he displayed at Dortmund. He only had five goals and three assists in the first season.

In the end, he left Manchester United as if he were kicked out. Sancho left Manchester United on loan in January and returned to his former club Dortmund. There was no mandatory full recruitment clause until June.

The move was a turning point. Sancho has scored two goals and two assists in 13 matches throughout all of this season’s competitions. At matches against Werder Bremen and PSV Eindhoven, he also scored goals in succession. 룸알바

The possibility of a full-time transfer has increased. Dortmund are said to be ready to gladly pay £35 million (W59.4 billion) for the full transfer of Sancho.

The possibility of a swap deal between Sancho and Malan cannot be ruled out. Manchester United have been keeping an eye on Malan for a long time. In the January transfer window, they also sought to sign him on loan.

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