“Give me food” “I can’t” Stray cat ‘Conflict among residents’

A stray cat wandering the streets.

Is it a nuisance or a neighbor we have to live with?

Conflicts often arise over the care of stray cats, and even in one apartment complex in Jeju, opinions are sharply divided among residents.

Sometimes I am a reporter.

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Underground parking lot of an apartment complex in Jeju city.

There is a nest for stray cats under the stairs beyond the railing.

A kitten stands out among the litter of rocks and plastic cloth.

This is a shelter created by a resident about 7 years ago to protect토토사이트 stray cats.

However, recently, as the number of so-called ‘cat moms’ who feed them has increased, the number of cats has increased to more than 10, and complaints are coming from all over.

[Apartment resident (voice modified)]
“In the summer, there’s a smell of rotting food, and now the kids come here to see that, so there’s a lot of worry these days about ticks and all that.”

Giving cat food anywhere, including in parking lots, is also a nuisance.

[Apartment manager (voice modified)]
“They poop all over the parking lot, and they sit here all the time?”

The stray cat incident eventually escalated into a fight between residents.

Recently, another resident stopped a resident who was trying to give him food, and an argument broke out.

[Resident in favor of stray cats (voice modified)]
“Since they are life on the streets, even if we try to coexist through discussion rather than hate or abuse, there is no conversation…” [

Resident opposed to stray cats (voice modified) )]
“Why are you giving the cat food here? Don’t do this here, give it somewhere else. That’s my heart, so I’m doing it this way.”

In Jeju, there are no related ordinances or policies regarding the protection of stray cats, so even if conflicts arise between residents, there is no clear solution.

In the end, the management office decided to hold a meeting of tenant representatives next month to discuss the cat issue.

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