Gallagher, a big Man City fan, “Come to the Inter final… Why? To meet Lukaku, who is terribly bad”

Singer Noel Gallagher, famous for his vitriol and love for Manchester City, wished Inter Milan to advance to the European Football Federation Champions League (UCL) final. Not because I love Inter, but because Manchester City is the easiest team to beat.

Noel, who gained worldwide popularity with his brother’s band Oasis, split with his brother Liam and is now active in Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds band. He has supported Manchester City even before they became a global powerhouse, and is also known for his intense dislike of local rivals Manchester United.

Currently on tour, Gallagher visited Italy and had an interview with ‘Sky Sports Italia’. The schedule for the second leg of the 2022-2023 UCL quarterfinals is just around the corner. Italian teams will play AC Milan vs. Napoli on the 19th (Korean time) and Inter Milan vs. Benfica on the 20th. Man City, whom Gallagher loves, meets Bayern Munich on the 20th. In the case of Manchester City, they won 3-0 in the first leg, so they can relax in the second leg.

“We beat Bayern,카지노사이트 and Real Madrid will probably make it to the semi-finals, and the final will face the Italians,” Gallagher said. With all three Italian teams in the same route, one of them is likely to make it to the final. Wanting to meet the Italian team means wishing Manchester City a run to the final.

He also said, “This year will be the year. We have Elling Hollan.” That year refers to the year in which Manchester City achieves their first ever UCL title.

However, he said that it was a “bad schedule” because he had to go to San Diego during the UCL finals, so he couldn’t find the Turkiye Istanbul site.

When the topic of which Italian team he wanted to meet in the finals came up, Gallagher responded with his characteristic vitriol. “If you ask who’s good, we at Man City want Inter because Inter are not good these days. Lukaku is terrible. Next is Milan because Napoli are a bit stronger. I think Napoli will be in the final. I think it’s because of their fans and their loud cheering.”

If it is not Gallagher’s wish, but as expected, Man City will face Min-jae Kim’s team, Napoli, in the UCL final.

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