“From the time I left home until now… ” The parents of a 25-year-old Mongolian youth also supported their son’s dream for a long 6 years.

“I think he has become a proud son.”

The 2023 KOVO (Korean Volleyball Federation) Men’s Asian Quarter Tryout & Draft held at the Jeju Sun Hotel on the 27th. There was a young man who waited for this moment more than anyone else. It was Bayarsaihan (Baira).

After Bira first came to Korea in January 2017, she transferred to Suncheon Jeil High School and started her life in Korea. In 2019, he entered Inha University and steadily played games, naturally became friendly with Korean players, and his Korean skills improved. That’s how he filled the 5-year residency, one of the general naturalization conditions.

But a problem arose. Amendments to the Naturalization Act. It was sky-shattering news for Eddie, as well as for Bira, who was thinking about the rookie draft last year. However, if you wait, the opportunity will come, and after the 2022-23 season, KOVO announced that it would implement the Asian quota system.

Baira was mentioned as a top candidate. He can see various positions, and he is used to Koreans, so he has less to worry about than other Asians, such as interpreting. He doesn’t even skimp on his skills.

However, he was not picked until third place. First, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance nominated Eddie, who is from the same nationality as Baira, second, KEPCO, Japan’s Libero Ryohei Iga, and third, Korean Air, outside hitter Mark Espeho, from the Philippines.

Bairra’s name was called in the 4th place. OK Financial Group nominated him. A smile began to spread even on Baira’s rather dark face.

Bira, who met after the draft, said, “I was so nervous. He had the thought ‘what did I do wrong in the tryout’ when my name wasn’t called. He laughed, saying, “It was so nice to be called by name in the 4th place.

Regarding Eddie, who came to Korea together, “I was happy the moment Eddie was called first. I came to Korea with me, and it felt good to be selected in the first place after overcoming fierce competition. I was proud of my friend,” he smiled.

Six years is not a short time. Every time I left after receiving one or two nominations in the draft at the school called Bai, I thought a lot, ‘Oh, I want to go too’. It was only natural because it was Bai Rai who left Mongolia and came to Korea with only the V-League in mind.크크크벳

Bira said, “When I saw my friends going for the rookie draft, I thought, ‘Ah, I want to stand in that position too’. My name is called and I wear professional team clothes, so I can’t even say it,” he said with strength.

For the past 6 years, if it had not been for the support of my parents and other family members, I would not have become the current Bira.

He said, “After the nomination, the first thing I thought of was my parents. From the first time I left until now, he has always supported and comforted me. I finally feel like I’ve become a proud son.” He smiled.

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