“For real?” EPL star who left work on public bicycles instead of luxury cars… “He’s from the land of bicycles.”

The transportation used by Fulham fullback Kenny Tete (28) on his way home from the match against Chelsea drew a lot of attention among local fans.

Tete was seen by fans around the stadium on the 14th (Korea time) after the 21st round of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) away game against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in London, England.

Tete, wearing a jumper with a Fulham emblem embedded in his chest, turned the bicycle according to the guidance of the guide. Inside the large basket in front of the bicycle was a large carrier believed to have Tete’s luggage.

Sources from the club and fans around him instantly recognized that the man who was riding a bicycle was a star player who had just been on stage in the EPL. Tete greeted his fans as if it was nothing special and talked with the guide.

Fans who checked the TikTok video were surprised on social media, saying, “When other players left work in the Volkswagen (Mercedes-Benz G-Class), Tete rode a lime bike.” “You can take this young man out of the Netherlands, but you can’t take the Netherlands out of this young man’s body,” he said, stressing that Tete is from the Netherlands, which is called the “country of bicycles.” 마카오토토도메인

It’s not that all EPL players don’t have luxury cars. Tete has released photos taken in front of Mercedes Benz in the past. He used a public bicycle on this day, probably because his home was not far away.

Tete started as a fullback on the day and played on the ground for 64 minutes until he was replaced.

However, Fulham lost 0-1 to Cole Palmer in the extra time of the first half, giving him the first goal.

Under the leadership of Marco Silva, Fulham fell to 13th place due to the defeat. It is only eight points behind the relegation zone.

Tete moved from Olympique Lyon in 2020 and played as a major resource for about three years. He played 92 games, including the cup, and scored four goals and eight assists.

The Evening Standard previously reported that Fulham will negotiate a contract renewal with Tete by 2025.

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