Fighting Well IBK… Director Kim Ho-cheol said, “If you try not to make a mistake, you can’t win.”

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, a women’s professional volleyball team, failed to win its first game in the fourth round and its challenge for three consecutive wins. It fought equally against the leader Hyundai Engineering & Construction, but failed to overcome the crisis of victory and collapsed.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea lost a set score of 1-3 (25-22 20-25 24-26 17-25) in the fourth round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League at Hwaseong Sports Town Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeonggi Province on the 27th.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea has lost its momentum by beating Hyundai Engineering & Construction 3-2 (25-17 25-16 20-25 23-25 15-5) in the final round of the third round on the 23rd. As it failed to win points, it failed to narrow the gap with GS Caltex (12-6, 34 points), which was ranked third, with 10-9 losses and 28 points for the season.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea coach Kim Ho-chul said in an official interview after the game, “The serve we wanted did not go in. In the second set, Hyundai E&C’s receiving efficiency exceeded 70%, and it was difficult to stop Hyundai E&C Yang Hyo-jin from the middle.”

“Overall, our attacking rhythm has deteriorated. I was disappointed that the players tried hard to play volleyball, but when the balls they had to take responsibility for came, they tried not to make mistakes,” he said.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea got off to a good start. The third round MVP, Abercrombie, showed off his powerful performance with eight points in the first set, 41.03 percent of the offense share, and 50 percent of the offense’s success rate, helping him take the center stage. Pyo Seung-joo added three points, and Hwang Min-kyung and Kim Hyun-jung also added two points, making it easier to accumulate points.

Setter Fonfun, the No. 1 player in the Asian quarter, showed off his game management that made Hyundai Engineering & Construction difficult with his brilliant toss. The tall middle blockers that Hyundai Engineering & Construction boasts also had a hard time defending themselves.

However, IBK was shaky from the second set. As Abercrombie slowed down to two points in the second set, accounting for 22.58 percent of offense share, and 14.29 percent of success rate, the team’s offense lost steam. It allowed a 1-1 set score, losing ground to Hyundai Engineering & Construction in the firepower battle.

It was regrettable that the final result of the third set remained to be decided. IBK succeeded in reversing the dramatic 23-22 situation by banking on Abercrombie’s successive attacks, when the team was losing the game 18-20. At 23-23, due to Hwang Min-kyung’s success in the quick open, it dominated the set point by 24-23, and pushed Hyundai Engineering & Construction to the ground.

IBK, however, handed over the points to Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. with a fatal error in the 24-24 tie. Immediately after, Hyundai E&C’s Wipawai Open success exploded, turning the game upside down with a set score of 1-2.

Since then, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea has collapsed sharply. At the start of the fourth set, the bank failed to respond to Hyundai E&C’s offensive, widening the gap. At 10-15, it lost momentum to chase after Hyundai E&C’s Yang Hyo-jin, and knelt down as it was.

Abercrombie scored the most 23 points in the team, Hwang Min-kyung scored 11 points, and Choi Jung-min and Pyo Seung-joo scored 10 points, but they failed to regain the lead lost to Hyundai Engineering & Construction after the third set. 헤라카지노

Coach Kim Ho-chul expressed regret over the players’ failure to overcome the pressure in the match. It is believed that the part where he tried to play too stably to make a mistake was poisoned.

“In our case, if you play volleyball that you try not to make mistakes, you can’t win a game,” coach Kim Ho-cheol said. “You have to solve the problem whether the ball comes to you or not, but this was not enough. I had a chance to win, but I dedicated it to the opponent in the town.”

“Today, everyone including the players had an idea that we could catch them. We needed to get into the mood in the fourth set, but we couldn’t do that from the beginning,” he said. “The previous game went as we wanted, but today, we decided to go in the direction that Hyundai Engineering & Construction wanted.”

Meanwhile, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea will leave Gwangju on the 30th to seek its first win in the fourth round against Pepper Savings Bank, the lowest in the women’s division, at Pepper Stadium. IBK Industrial Bank of Korea won all the first to third rounds.

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