Feel Better With Amazing Adaptogens

Adaptogens help the body combat stress, not just emotional but physical stress also. A short list of what they can also do:

o increase physical productivity

o normalizes body systems

o combats fatigue and exhaustion

o increases mental acuity

Adaptogens are NOT a drug or medicine. It is a naturally occurring substance from plants that may have the ability to help restore cells to a functional and healthy state.

Dr. Israel Brekhman, a Russian scientist, pharmacologist, and physiologist began researching adaptogens in the late 1940’s. He discovered certain plants, which were named “adaptogens” had the ability to help people adapt to the physical, emotional, and mental stress of life.

When your cells are stressed, they don’t have their normal energy reserves. Therefore they have to work harder. Under stress, your cells may become weak and damaged. When under stress you are more likely to lose peak performance of your heart, lungs, muscles and nervous system 온라인카지노 because your cells cannot do their job. Consequently, aging, fatigue, irritability and lack of motivation sets in.

Prime Delight combines the power of pomegranate, the secrets of adaptogens, and benefits of coenzyme Q10 a delicious super-nutritional drink with almost magical results.

Debbie Schwartz writes about her experience with Prime Delight. “Back in October 2005 my dad was flown to Houston. He has six aneurysms and is in a lot of pain. They flew him back because there was nothing anyone could do for him. On November 1, 2005 I joined the program which promotes Prime Delight and started taking it right away. I invited my mom the next week to hear what I did. She too was impressed so she joined as well and took her bottle of Prime Delight home. The next morning she saw my dad at the kitchen table with a full glass of Prime Delight. She mentioned to him that he only needed to take 1 oz. not the whole bottle and gave him the brochure to read.

On October 28th he went to the doctor for more blood work. Dad told the doctor that ever since he started taking Prime Delight, his energy level was growing day by day. He started walking daily, even when it was cold. In January they ran the blood test again as they always have for the past three years and to their surprise, his blood levels had improved. His blood sugars were in excellent range. His cholesterol was lowering. His blood pressure was improving. He was improving in all areas. The doctor asked him what he was doing different, and he told him about Prime Delight.

My mom gave the doctor the information on Prime Delight, and the doctor said to increase it 2oz. a day and DON’T STOP! They ran a hemoglobin test on him last week. His hemoglobin count went from 11 in October to 13.3 in January, and now its 14.3. The kidney doctor said now he doesn’t need his shot but every two months and if he keeps improving he might be able to stop them all together. He had been taking them weekly. He’s gained 3 lbs, and his back, where two aneurysms are is not hurting as bad. The doctor wants to do some checking to see if they might be shrinking because of this Prime Delight and the adaptogens.”

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