“Fatal blow to Kim Jong-un”… What happened to Hyeonsongwol, which also came to Korea during Pyeongchang?

In North Korea, there is an analysis that residents’ backlash is growing as corruption among Chairman Kim Jong-un’s closest associates deepens, including allegations of bribery토토사이트.

Japan’s Sankei Shimbun reported on the 4th that Koh Young-hwan, former vice president of the National Security Strategy Institute who defected after serving as a North Korean diplomat, had obtained the contents of the latest report compiled based on the testimony of Workers’ Party and Korean People’s Army officials who recently defected.

According to the newspaper, former Deputy Director Goh pointed out two of Chairman Kim’s closest associates, Hyon Song-wol, Vice Director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Workers’ Party, and Ri Son-gwon, Director of the Party’s Unified Front Department, as people who stand out for suspicions of corruption.

Deputy Director Hyun, who is suspected of secretly running a trading company and personally accumulating foreign currency, is also known to have been suspected of receiving bribes while resolving the misfortunes of college classmates or former singer colleagues.

Vice Minister Hyun, a former popular singer, also came to South Korea with a North Korean art troupe during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

The Sankei reported that the party’s discipline investigation department appears to be turning a blind eye to the current vice-chairman’s allegations, considering his special relationship with Chairman Kim.

Lee, former Foreign Minister and head of the United Front Work Department, is known to introduce relatives, friends, and family members to good jobs and receive foreign currency in return.

It is known that Director Lee of the United Front Affairs Department has been in charge of negotiations with Korea and other countries for a long time, and the situation at home and abroad is bright. Sankei said, “Corruption by close associates could become an ‘Achilles heel’ that shakes the foundation of Chairman Kim’s regime.”

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