Families of the Itaewon disaster are outraged… “The state ignores the people”

The bereaved families of the Itaewon disaster have been waiting for the Constitutional Court’s decision inside and outside the Constitutional Court.

He was angry at the dismissal decision, saying, “The state has turned away from the people.” 

Reporter Song Jin-seop reports.

Upon hearing the news of the dismissal of the impeachment against Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min, the bereaved family sitting in front of the Constitutional Court shed tears they had been holding back.

The bereaved families raised their voices saying that even the Constitutional메이저사이트 Court ignored common sense. 

[Lee Jung-min / Acting Representative of the Itaewon Victims’ Family Association]
“The administrative agencies of all countries in Korea have ignored the 159 citizens. Aren’t we citizens of this country?”

An ambulance was dispatched when one of the bereaved family collapsed enraged during the interview.

The bereaved families criticized the government for not providing proper support to the bereaved families.

[Yoo Hyung-woo / Bereaved family of the Itaewon disaster]
“All of the bereaved families are getting sick due to the continued neglect. How much more sacrifices and how much more must we suffer before the government can give us an answer…” Nine months after the Itaewon disaster, the police launched a special investigation headquarters with more than 500 people right after the disaster, and the prosecution is also continuing the investigation


However, the bereaved families are still angry that no one is taking responsibility. 

In the course of the actual investigation, six people, including Park Hee-young, the head of Yongsan-gu Office, and Lee Im-jae, the former head of Yongsan Police Station, were arrested, but all were released as the court accepted the request for bail.

[Lee Im-jae / Former Yongsan Police Station Chief (Last 6th)]
“I will be sincere and truthful as much as possible so that this unfortunate tragedy will never happen again, so that the trial will serve as an opportunity.”

Currently, Mayor Park and officials from Yongsan-gu Office have returned to work. 

The bereaved families will continue to demand an official apology from the government and the enactment of a special law on the Itaewon disaster. 

This is Song Jin-seop of Channel A News.

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