‘Failure to save 3 times → first save’ Self-blame at the end of the 1st nomination “I lacked soul in the ball”

LG pitcher Lee Jeong-yong made his first save of the season. It was his first save after struggling with three blown saves.

Lee Jung-yong took the mound after two outs in the 9th inning against Doosan held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 15th. Maybe he never had a chance to pitch.

In the 9th inning, when LG led 3-0, left-hander Ham Deok-joo took the mound first. After one out, the second baseman infield hit to Jung Soo-bin and the second baseman’s throw to first base made a one-out second base. Ham Deok-joo allowed 1 point with a right-handed hit by Kim Jae-hwan in second out and second base.

Then, coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop raised Lee Jeong-yong from the 2nd and 1st base leading 3-1. Lee Jung-yong ended the game with Yang Eui-ji’s right field fly ball and recorded a save. It marked his first save in his fourth save of the season. From the start to the 14th, Lee Jung-yong recorded three blown saves in six games.

Against KT on the 2nd, I tried to save 4 outs in the 8th inning with 2 outs 1st and 3rd base, leading 9-6, but Alford hit a 1 RBI double and allowed a timely hit to Park Byung-ho in 2nd 2nd and 3rd base. did.

On the 8th against Samsung, Lee Jeong-yong, who pitched in the ninth inning with a 1-0 lead, was hit by Lee Won-seok and Kang Min-ho in a row, and was driven to the bases loaded crisis with a walk by Oh Jae-il after one out. He allowed a sacrifice fly to tie the game 1-1.

And in the match against Lotte on the 12th, he took the mound at 1 out 1 base in the 8th inning, leading 5-4, and was replaced after allowing Ko Seung-min a 3-run home run.

Lee Jung-yong climbed the mound in the ninth inning against Doosan on the 14th, leading 13-4. Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “I asked the player about his intention to change the atmosphere in a situation where there was no burden and let him pitch.” He took two hits but finished with no runs while striking out two.

Lee Jung-yong, who made two consecutive starts and recorded saves, said after the game, “I hope that things will go well with today’s opportunity. I don’t want to make excuses, but I think I thought a lot because I wanted to do well.” same,” he said.

The game the day before had a bit of a change of heart. Lee Jung-yong said,메이저놀이터 “Recently, I tried to empty my thoughts. He seemed to be okay with the catcher sign and simply set short-term goals. There was no problem with my condition, but since the content of the game was a bit bad, I felt a bit depressed, and I think there was a sense of pressure about the finish. I have to solve this to become a more advanced player, but he seems to have been a bit of a burden.”

Finisher Ko Woo-seok, who won last year’s save king, will return next week. Lee Jung-yong said, “I wish I had more saves, but now that I think about it, I think it was poison because I was too greedy. Because I tried to do well,” he expressed regret.

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