“Every day goes by, I talk about myself”… ‘Nasol’ Ok-sun, foreshadows an all-out war against Young-sook

Ok-soon, a 16th cast member of ‘I’m Solo’, announced legal action against메이저사이트 Young-sook.

Ok-sun, who appeared in the 16th Her Singles special, announced on the 10th that she would sue Young-sook, her fellow star, for defamation of her character through her social network service ( SNS ).

Ok-sun said, “After the broadcast, not a day passed, but every day, Young-sook (on Labang) said bad things about me.” She added, “I haven’t watched Labang or Nokbang (16th season) until now. I’m not curious and I don’t want to watch it. However, I personally receive a lot of calls informing me of the broadcast content. I don’t understand why people are talking about other people’s negative stories when all they have to do is talk about themselves.”

She continued, “She said that he (Youngsook) told another female contestant that I was acting like a rich man to meet a rich man.” “I will,” he said.

She said, “You have to fix it right from the beginning. If you leave it alone, viewers will know that you will turn into a strange person in an instant.” She added, “I will file a complaint through a large law firm. I think it will be a big fight.”

Meanwhile, Ok-soon and Young-sook attracted attention due to rumors of discord during the 16th broadcast. When Young-sook got upset while on a date with her Gwang-soo and returned to her dorm alone first, she misunderstood that it was Ok-sun who spread the word to the other cast members, which led to the altercation between them.

After the broadcast, Youngsook apologized on social media , but

Youngsook belatedly appeared in the 16th Labang on the 5th and mentioned the rumor of discord with Oksun. He said, “Actually, I was very excited because I thought Ok-soon would come. We had a close and good relationship with Ok-sun, but I don’t know why it happened like that.” He added, “The message I sent was also posted (on the Internet), so why not just look at it, talk about it, and resolve it?” “I’m a little disappointed that I came,” he said.

The 16th broadcast attracted a lot of attention throughout its broadcast. The final episode recorded 6.3% (combined figure of SBS Plus and ENA ) based on viewership rating research company Nielsen Korea.

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