Even young competitors have appeared, is AVG.179 non-trade ‘ghost zone’ valid?

Will the ghost zone be valid again this year?

Kim Ho-ryeong (32) of the Kia Tigers is well-known as a defensive genius. In the second game against the SSG Landers on April 2 last year, he displayed stellar defense by catching a double play that went to right-center field. He was so impressed by starting pitcher Lee Eui-ri that he couldn’t even shut up. Those were the only performances that fans remember. He failed to display good batting performance.

He entered the 2018 at-bats for 103 games after being selected by head coach Kim Ki-tae as a rookie in 2015. “If I get hit, I will become a top-rated outfielder,” Kim said. He only posted a batting average of 218, but his amazing defense range and ability to catch balls was remarkable. He was appointed as the starting center fielder in 2016. He played in 124 games and played 514 times at bat. He recorded a batting average of 267 with eight homers, 41 RBIs, 72 runs, and 19 stolen bases with an OPS of 0.706.

It was an upward trend, but he had to step down from the starting lineup in 2017. Choi Hyung-woo, a top-rated FA outfielder, joined the team, and Roger Bernadina, a new foreign player, also joined the team. Lee Myung-ki was also recruited through a trade. Choi was a cleanup hitter. Bernadina had a batting average of 322 with 111 RBIs, 118 runs scored, and 32 stolen bases. Kim Ho-ryeong was better in defense, but he was no match in batting.

He settled down as a backup. He occasionally started as a starter, but his expertise was in defense cost and pinch runner. 월카지노주소 When he won in 2017, he moved to center field in the second half of the game to win, while Bernadina moved to right field. He also contributed to the victory by banking on his defense capabilities. He even coined a new term, “ghost zone,” referring to the broad defense range. However, he failed to display his business card by banking on his batting performance.

The largest number of at-bats in the next five years was 138 in 2020. As FA Na Sung-bum joined the team from the 2022 season, the seats were still cramped. He played 107 times at bat in the 2023 season, but posted an OPS of 0.503 with 170.9 six RBIs, 16 runs scored, and one stolen base. He showed the lowest performance since joining the team. He disappeared from the first division twice, for 22 days and 43 days, respectively. The usage has decreased.

The 2024 season is also tough. Outfielders are full of energy. Na Sung-bum and Socrates Brito are the undisputed main players. Lee Woo-sung, who hit .300 last year, and Choi Won-joon, Ko Jong-wook, Lee Chang-jin, Kim Ho-ryeong, Kim Seok-hwan, and Park Jung-woo will compete. Choi Won-joon, who recorded 174 hits in the 2021 season, will try full-time as an outfielder this year. Lee is also playing at first base but is a key outfielder. The 26-year-old is a backup contender because he is quick-witted. Kim Seok-hwan, who has failed to remove his label as a rising star, is also competing with desperation.

The biggest crisis for Kim Ho-ryeong came. Perhaps that’s why he participated in the Okinawa closing camp in November last year. He sweated hard to enhance his batting ability. He is an indispensable backup for coaches. He was an indispensable backup for coaches. Still, he has competitive edge in defense and base running. Kia needs a command zone to challenge for the top this year. In his eighth year since joining the team, he will turn 32 in April. Kim Ho-ryeong, who hits well, runs well, and catches well, is still cheering for him.

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