‘EPL transfer rumor’ Kim Ji-soo, selected by overseas media, including 7 stars to shine in the U-20 WC

I have high expectations for Kim Ji-soo.

The American version of “The Sun” selected seven players who made the tournament shine ahead of the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup to be held in Argentina on the 21st (Korean time). Kim Ji-soo (Seongnam), representing Korea, along with Fabricio Dias (Uruguay), Thomas Angel (Colombia), Dor Turgeman (Israel), Marcos Leonardo (Brazil), Owen Wolf (USA), and Ignacio Miramon (Argentina). FC) was named.

The media said, “Seongnam’s center back Kim Ji-soo is still only 18 years old, but has excellent aerial competition and tackling ability, such as being compared to the Korean national team Kim Min-jae. It became known and caught the eye of scouts from European clubs. Seongnam knows that if Kim Ji-soo makes an impressive performance in this tournament, his value can go up.”

Kim Ji-soo, born in 2004, is a promising center back with a height of 192 cm. In the 2022 season, Kim Ji-soo played the K-League 1 game as a high school student, and showed excellent performance in various defensive indicators such as aerial competition ability, speed, and tackle, as well as build-up ability, and was called ‘the second Kim Min-jae’. got a lot of attention

Although he is only in his second year as a pro, Kim Ji-soo is already attracting attention from many European clubs. Following Bayern Munich, it is known that Brentford of the English Premier League (EPL) recently made an official proposal to Kim Min-jae. An official from Seongnam said through ‘Pop42’, “It is true that the official offer came,” but “Nothing has been decided yet. Since Kim Ji-soo is abroad, I think we will have to discuss it later (related to the transfer).”메이저놀이터

As explained in the media, Kim Ji-soo’s performance in this tournament is important for him to advance to the EPL. The U-20 World Cup is a tournament watched by many teams to discover new gems, enough to be called the gateway for promising players. As Kim Ji-su has yet to show much at the international level, this tournament is likely to be an important opportunity for Kim Ji-soo.

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