Entry → Minor tearful bread → LG’s sudden joining of the team’s head coach, favorable comments, and even a surprise camp… Infinite competition full of expectations will be held

Jin Woo-young (23), a former U.S. minor league player, surprisingly joined the LG Twins’ spring camp list.

While the LG Twins’ spring camp will take place in Arizona, the U.S. from the 1st of next month, Yeom Kyung-yeop, the head coach, left Incheon International Airport in advance on Wednesday. The main team of the LG Twins will depart on the 30th.

What kind of surprise will they have at this year’s LG spring camp? Last year, only Park Myung-geun joined the first team camp as a rookie. However, three rookies were included in the camp list this year. The main characters are pitcher Jin Woo-young (Round 4), infielder Son Yong-joon (Round 3), and outfielder Kim Hyun-jong (Round 2). “Jin Woo-young is good. I’m thinking of using him like Park Myung-geun,” manager Yeom told reporters before leaving Korea.

After graduating from the Global Advancement School, Jin signed a contract with the Kansas City Royals in 2018 and challenged himself to the Major League. Jin Woo-young, a former baseball team at the Global Advancement School, is a person who works two or three times as hard to study and even take English classes just like ordinary students. In an interview with Star News in January 2020, Jin recalled his high school days and said, “There were a lot of students sleeping in the baseball team during normal class, but at our school, the teachers would wake them up and teach them. I could only do sports after finishing the class. My friends helped me when I couldn’t become tutors.” When asked if he studied well, he said, “I was not bad,” adding, “It was an absolute evaluation, but I did better than average. I got 3.5 points out of 4.0 GPA.”

Since then, in 2019, Jin Woo-young has played in 14 rookie league games, recording 6 wins, 2 losses and a 2.35 ERA, showing his potential. However, the following year, the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) hit the world, and the minor league itself was not opened at all. Jin Woo-young no longer stood out and was declared a free agent in September and ate bread wet with tears. Jin Woo-young, who returned to Korea, played for the Paju Challengers in the independent league after fulfilling his military duty as a full-time reserve. Then, in September last year, he was selected in the fourth round (38th overall) of the rookie draft and was able to wear the LG Twins uniform 토토사이트. At the time, he said about his strengths, “I can consistently play long innings. I can also throw fastballs up to 150 kilometers,” adding, “There are splitters that support fastballs, so I can deal with batters well.”

On Jin’s strength, Yeom said, “I think his fastball power is powerful and he uses a variety of breaking balls. I don’t think his ball control is that bad. Seeing him perform half-pitching, I don’t think it’s bad.” “I will put a good person in the U.S. camp first and take him with me. I think Lee will definitely join the camp, and we will have to see who will join the (Ham) Deokju camp through this camp.” “Jin-young, Kim Dae-hyun, Kim Yoo-young, Yoon Ho-sol, and Sung Dong-hyun will compete for the position,” he said, heralding infinite competition.

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