El Salvador coach, “June Korea-Japan expedition, will be between June 16 and 20”

There is no official announcement yet, but in El Salvador, there is a story about an away game in Korea in June. Again, Hugo Pérez, coach of the El Salvador national football team, expressed his views on the expedition to Korea. Even the date was mentioned.

According to Centro America,바카라사이트a media outlet in Central and South America, El Salvador is planning an East Asian tour to face South Korea and Japan using the A-match period in June as part of an evaluation match for the 2023 CONCACAF (North and Central America Caribbean Football Federation) Gold Cup.

Director Pérez, who has already made remarks on this matter at an official event, delivered the news this time as well, even mentioning the date. “I think we’ll have two matches between the 16th and the 20th of June,” Perez said. With the Gold Cup set to kick off on June 24, it’s the last rehearsal for the tournament for El Salvador. Therefore, if a friendly match is held against El Salvador, the opponent is expected to play with all their might.

On the other hand, the Peruvian media <One Football> also mentioned Korea as an A-match in June. If you put together the reports of <Centro America> and <One Football>, Korea’s June A match opponent is roughly decided.

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