“Do not give up!” Chelsea fans shout after Potter

 On the 13th (Korean time), Chelsea manager Graham Porter, who was defeated in Fulham away, headed to the car, and some fans chased him.

A situation where there is concern about abusive language, slander, or disgrace after a shocking defeat. A bodyguard followed Director Porter.

However, the sound coming from behind Director Porter was unexpected.

One fan shouted “Don’t give up potter!” 온라인카지노

Porter took over the Chelsea helm in September of last year, replacing Thomas Tuchel.

Because he was known as a ‘genius tactician’ during his Brighton days, expectations were raised that he would save Chelsea from crisis. Chelsea have guaranteed Porter a contract until 2027.

However, contrary to expectations, he has only won 8 wins in 19 matches. In the FA Cup, they were eliminated with a 0-4 loss to Manchester City, and have not won in the last 4 matches due to a match loss against Fulham. The Premier League standings are still in 10th place, so the red light is turned on in the competition for the UEFA Champions League, which is given up to 4th place. Rumors of hardship are emerging in less than half a year since he took office.

However, those who pursued Fulham Porter that day were not slanderous, but cheered.

“Don’t give up,” another fan said, “we believe in you” as voices continued to resound. At the same spot, other fans also sent voices of support for Porter.

“It’s tough. I sympathize with the supporters, the players and everyone involved with the club,” Porter said. There is no. We will focus together and try to go to the next game and get the three points.”

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