Director Ko Heejin of “4th place Jump” said, “All-star break. I’m just thinking about how to train.”

“Mega’s attack and concentration, it was so good.”

Head coach Ko Hee-jin praised the players who led the shutdown victory.

Chung won the set score of 3-0 in the fourth round matchup against IBK Industrial Bank of Korea in the Dodram 2023-2024 V League held at Hwaseong City Sports Town Indoor Gymnasium on the 18th.

The two teams met at the single-logged bridge for the fourth place, but Chung’s victory changed the ranking from fourth to fifth. Chung jumped to fourth place with 36 points, while IBK, which suffered four consecutive losses, fell to fifth place with 33 points.

Chung grabbed the victory by reversing his 9-16 deficit in the second set. Mega was there. Mega showed off a different level of attack every time it was important and scored 24 points by himself.

Coach Ko said after the game 랭크카지노도메인, “Mega and Yeom Hye-sun did a good job today. Mega’s attack and concentration were so good. Yeom Hye-sun also pitched well in the right place. The opponent’s serve was strong and the receiving in the second set was shaken, but the players did a good job. It was not an easy score to turn around. Ahn Hye-rim’s replacement and blocking was also effective.”

On foreign player Jia, who only scored 11 points in offense but displayed good overall performance, Koh said, “Today was a game that I held out well in receiving. I didn’t feel well in my attacking condition. I will elevate her through the All-Star break. I will enhance her confidence through communication with the players.”

“On the contrary, it is better because we can fill in the gaps that we need,” Koh said of the break amid rising mood. “I don’t think we have two rounds left. If we do well in the fifth round, we will have the sixth round. I believe we only have five rounds left, and I will narrow the gap in points against GS Caltex, the third-ranked team.”

“I take two days off and start training. I’m just thinking about how to make up for my shortcomings,” Koh said of utilizing the All-Star break. “Defending and blocking are important. We need to be more detailed. Our team’s offense is strong.”

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