Defensive Park Chan-yeop, batting Cha Seung-joon, MVP Yang Hyun-jong… There are many good infielders in the Gyeongsang region, too?

“I think it depends on which fielders are picked and nurtured according to their team”

Pitchers actually have similar views. After all, the virtues of judging a pitcher, such as speed, ball control, breaking ball capability, and big game mindset, are obvious and standardized to some extent.

However, batting is different. Good tools do not necessarily mean success, and good hitting in high school does not mean success. Fielders’ resources can be evaluated from various perspectives.

In that sense, there are many good infielders in the Gyeongsang region next year. Representative players are Park Chan-yeop (Busan High School), Cha Seung-joon (Masan Yongmago), and Yang Hyun-jong (Daegu High School).

First of all, Park Chan-yeop is evaluated as a high school student when it comes to defense. In his freshman year, he led the team to win the Phoenix Grand Prix with Won Sang-hyun. Coach Park Gye-won took the helm of Busan High School and won his first championship. He also showed great performance in the Golden Lion in his second year, leading the team to victory. Busan High School won one championship every year, and Park Chan-yeop was at the center of it.

A scout official from one club said, “We still need to see more, but so far, Kim Joon-won of Incheon High School and Park Chan-yeop of Busan High School seem to be really good at defending.”

However, Park’s regret is that he is also a batter. So far, he has yet to appeal to professional teams for specialties other than defense. Therefore, the key to achieving the top nomination is how to supplement this next year.

Cha is the opposite. He hit .422 with seven homeruns in the official game this season. It is devastating for a high school student. No matter how different high school students are, the number of homeruns is hard to hit with wooden bats. This is all the more true for a sophomore. A team that wants to hit mid- to long-distance hitters is regarded as a must-see.

As of now, he is among the top candidates. In terms of impact, he is the strongest among the three players introduced today.

What’s disappointing is defense. I’m not sure whether I can be a third baseman. If you become a third baseman, your value will increase, but if not, you have to hit tremendously well. This means that if you don’t hit next season, your turn could plunge. In particular, scouting is bound to become more conservative toward the end.

A scout for a team said, “Honestly, I’m not sure yet.” This means that he is not very satisfied with his defense yet. If he can’t join the third baseman, Cha should go to the first baseman.

Cha Seung-joon may be the player most affected by next season. 랭크카지노

Yang Hyun-jong is a little more balanced compared to these two. However, it is a separate matter to judge that one tool definitely works in the professional world compared to the above two. This part may be ambiguous.

He is evaluated as a third baseman with good batting and good defense. Along with Chung Se-hyun and Woo Jung-an of Gyeonggi Sanggo, he is emerging as a strong candidate for third baseman in the Seoul metropolitan area.

Yang Hyun-jong’s advantage in defense is that his throwing is soft. He has the ability to throw comfortably anywhere.

When Yang Hyun-jong was a freshman, an official from a club in Seoul saw him practice and said, “The pitch is soft and he has good basic defense skills. I want to pick him when he becomes a third grader,” and he started to be included in the professional team’s radar from then on.

However, it did not take long for Lee to make his mark. He led Daegu to the championship by posting a season batting average of .500 on 10 hits in 20 at-bats. He was also the MVP.

Just as he recorded 0.333 in his freshman year, he means that batting has quality. On top of that, his feet are not that fast, but there is also an expectation that he might become a shortstop. If he plays well in the early part of the season, his turn may pop up like Im Jong-sung.

A scout for one club said, “The recent trend of fielding has been that top nominations should have at least two clear advantages. However, middle and bottom nominations often see if a player can be the best in a professional field, even with a very low probability.”

“However, people have different views on these tools. Each team can choose one based on their needs, or the other team can choose one based on the order of players they are good at. Maybe these will play a big role in next year’s list of names,” he said.

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