Daegu FC ‘King of Daepak’ with Sejingya from Namhae

The player who writes the history of Daegu FC, the ace who saved the team from relegation as a captain, and the symbol of Daegu FC, the king of Daepak, ‘Sejingya’. Cesingya, who started warming up earlier than ever before and predicted an active performance from the beginning of the league, went to Brazil early thanks to the season that ended faster than ever before, joined the Namhae team training and started preparing for the opening of the 2023 season.

Due to the changed K-League regulations, the foreigner quota was expanded. Cesingya’s role has become more important for Daegu FC, where the number 온라인카지노 of Brazilian players has increased. Edgar, who is the most familiar partner, has returned, and Serato, who has experience with Brazil in 2015, has newly joined. Basellus, who is expected to ease the burden on Sejingya, also joined the team first to prepare for the team legend time.

In Daegu FC, where there are many concerns about the power gap in the 2023 season, the increased power of Brazilian players is expected to be an absolute factor. And at the center of that is Cezingya. Daegu MBC Sports+ met Sejingya, who stood at the center of Daegu FC’s expectations and hopes at the Daegu FC Namhae camp site.

Q. How did you spend your vacation
? First of all, since I was working abroad for a year, I spent time with his family every moment and every hour to meet the time away from them. The thing I didn’t do when I went to Brazil was not sleeping, so I had a lot of fun spending even a second with his family, and I enjoyed my vacation leisurely while meeting many friends I hadn’t seen before.

Q. Quick training join
Last year, there were some difficult moments, and the season ended earlier than usual because of the World Cup, so I was able to go back to Brazil quickly. It seems that I was able to quickly join the starting point of Namhae because I could spend a leisurely time and prepare for the season at the same time. So, a new year has begun, and the most important thing is that we have to face a better year than last year. As a team, I don’t think our team should be in that position, so we will prepare more thoroughly this year to bring joy to our fans. I think it should be given.

Q. New manager, new Brazilian colleague
First of all, I want to applaud coach Choi for having the title of manager, and there are so many times we’ve been together before taking over as manager, and we know each other so well, so not only as a player but also as a manager. We know each other’s tendencies well, so we think that there is nothing but a positive factor. And in the case of new, especially mercenary players, there are seniors in the part of adapting to a new country, so we keep talking about that part, and we keep talking about how this team works, what kind of system it is, and what to do. We are trying to adapt as quickly as possible.

Q. South Sea and Japan, training focus
First of all, in Namhae, both physically and in terms of overall team strength… I think I need to improve physically. As the physical part gets better and the technical part becomes a plus, we have the style we used to, so I think it will be well integrated, and if we move to Japan, we will add all these parts and strategically practice what our team wants to do. I think it’s important to keep breathing together through ”.

It’s Sejin. He is the core of Daegu FC, and his condition and performance play a large part in the team’s performance. His performance will definitely have a big impact on the success and failure of the 2023 season. He quickly improves his condition, and anticipation grows when he starts training without injury.

It seems that Sejingya’s specific performance, which is still in the process of building a body, can be confirmed directly at the camp in Kagoshima, Japan. Daegu MBC Sports+ will also share the news. Camp news in Namhae to be delivered next time, [Daegu FC in Namhae] The last episode delivers a new face in the practice game.

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