Costco CEO, mortuary letter for employee who died in the heatwave, “I hid the bottle”

It was belatedly known that the CEO of Costco made a remark바카라 that seemed to pass responsibility, saying, “Isn’t it true that he joined the company hiding his illness ?” On the 27th, SBS reported

an interview with the bereaved family of the late Kim Dong-ho (30), who died of a heat-related illness while managing a shopping cart in the parking lot of Costco’s Hanam store in the heat wave. The deceased’s father, Kim Gil-seong, said, “(Son) couldn’t leave early because the rest of his co-workers would be too hard if he fell out.” He said, “I had an illness, so I hid it and joined the company.”

Earlier, on the 19th of last month, when a heat wave warning was issued, Mr. Kim fell unconscious while working in a mart parking lot around 7:00 pm.

Kim was taken to a nearby hospital by ambulances after receiving a report, but was pronounced dead about two hours later. According to the hospital, Kim’s final cause of death was ‘pulmonary embolism and excessive dehydration due to heat’.

Mr. Kim changed his job from a full-time cashier to managing a parking lot cart two weeks before the accident. But soon after, he suffered a catastrophe.

It is known that Mr. Kim walked up to 43,000 steps a day while managing the cart. The distance was about 26 km.

Mr. Kim had no problems as a result of the health check he received before being deployed to the parking lot, but Costco rather doubted that he was hiding the disease, and has not issued an official apology or expression of regret after the accident. In addition, to the bereaved family’s request to provide CCTV

footage for industrial accident applications, Costco replied, “It takes 2 to 3 weeks to prepare the video.” Eventually, the bereaved family sent a complaint to Costco’s US headquarters. Kim Gil-seong said, “I think someone must take responsibility,” and “I don’t know if no response is the best way for them, but killing our bereaved family twice or three times.”

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