Coach Jang Seon-jae, following the ‘father and son’ gold medal, became a hot topic

Following the ‘father and son (rich) gold medalist’ in the national cycling team, a ‘father and son team coach’ was born.

LX (Korea Land Information Corporation)메이저사이트 coach Jang Seon-jae, who was selected as the national team coach last year, has recently been in charge of the Hangzhou Asian Games national team’s men’s track mid- and long-distance division.

Five command towers in each division will be in charge of the players, along with coach Do Eun-chul, who is in charge of the general manager.

Coach Jang Seon-jae, who won three gold medals at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar, and who became a hot topic of conversation with his father Jang Yun-ho, who was the national team coach at the time and won the gold medal in New Delhi in 1982, was born last year with four LX players from his team. He was recognized for his leadership.

Director Jang said, “The goal is to create multiple gold medals in the Asian Games following his father, foster athletes who challenge the Olympics, and produce star athletes in cycling, an unpopular sport.”

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