Clippers in need of big man, keeping an eye on trade market

The Los Angeles Clippers are looking to bolster their frontcourt.

According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, the Clippers hope to fill the center.

The Clippers didn’t have a good center team before the season. Initially, the center and point guard were too weak. They have a number of forwards and swingmen, but the rest of the positions have a weak player base. At least, as John Wall came out in the transfer market, he secured a point guard, but no other centers were recruited.

Initially, the Clippers hoped to build the same lineup as Ivica Zubachi and Isaiah Hartenstein (New York) last season. However, as Hartenstein transferred under good conditions, the Clippers did not find a clear center sense. In the end, there is no suitable center other than Zubachi. At least, Moses Brown was hired as a two-way deal, but one more center is needed to prepare for an emergency.

Because Brown has many limitations as a backup center. Brown becomes the third center, and the power under the goal becomes more solid. However, only Zubachi is the center of the current Clippers squad, and Brown is not under a formal contract. In other words, you need to recruit a center right away to prevent leaks under the goal. There are many tall forwards, so there is a limit to replacing them. Compared to other championship candidates, the power under the goal is bound to be greatly pushed. 슬롯사이트

The Clippers are being captured as having trade discussions through John Wall. It is also necessary to maintain the power of the backcourt through the wall, but is often absent due to injuries. It can be seen as subtracting the lower stone and adding the upper stone. The guard seems to have determined that it can partially fill the existing power, and it is understandable as the intention to fill the height first.

Instead, the Clippers are eyeing Mike Conley (Utah). If the center is embraced through Wall, the intention is to bring in Conley to strengthen the backcourt and add a sense of stability. However, it is questionable which center they can bring through Wall, and it remains to be seen whether the Clippers can embrace Conley. Because Conley is valuable with a sense of power and is still not small.

Considering the Utah Jazz are in the process of rebuilding, they should use their nomination rights rather than existing players. However, the trade cards available to the Clippers are extremely limited. It’s not very likely that Utah will replace Conley with an existing player. Even if the Clippers send another forward, chances are high that Utah won’t accept it. It is not easy to actually bring Conley in because there are no contracts due to maturity.

Even if the Clippers meet only one of the two conditions, they can take a breather first. If you’re going to trade, you might be better off using some of the oversaturated forward power to fill other positions. If this is not possible, it may be a good idea to fill up the internal power through trade and then look after the contract termination. However, as uncertain as it is, it is expected to diligently engage in trade negotiations first.

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