Clark, reduced 8 strokes a day, violated the ‘Green Mile’… Leading the Wells Fargo Championship

Which course has the most difficult final three holes among the PGA Tour tournament courses? As a result of analyzing the number of strokes in the final 3 holes of the PGA Tour over the past 18 years, it was found that the Quail Hollow Club (par 71, 7538 yards) in Charlotte, South Carolina, where the Wells Fargo Championship (total prize money of 20 million dollars) is held, was the most difficult.

Located on North Carolina’s largest farmland, so named for its abundance of quail, the last three holes of the golf course are notorious for the 16th (par 4), 17th (par 3), and 18th (par 4) holes. It’s a high ‘green mile’.

Since hosting the Wells Fargo Championship from 2003 to last year, the average number of strokes on the green mile over the past 18 years was 0.904, making it the most difficult of all tournament courses except major tournaments.

Muirfield Village, where the Memorial Tournament is held, 0.621 strokes, ‘Snake Pit’ at Innisbrook Copperhead Course, Florida, the venue of the Valspar Championship, 0.533 strokes, and Cadence Houston Open’s Houston GC 0.487 strokes followed in order.

The Green Mile refers to the last path a death row inmate walks on the day they are executed by being chained to the electric chair. It means that the last three holes of Quail Hollow are a path of hardship for players to that extent.

The 16th and 17th holes are water hazards, and the 18th hole is threatened by a creek running along the left edge of the fairway to the green. Notoriety was no exception at this year’s competition. The last 18th hole was the most difficult with an average of +0.322 strokes, followed by the 16th hole with an average of +0.279 strokes. The 17th hole was set at 137 yards that day, so it was easy.

As a result of counting data since the start of the tournament in 2003, 881 balls fell into the stream on the 18th hole, 663 on the 17th hole, and 102 on the 16th hole. Among them, hole 16 has been counted since 2014, so the number is relatively small compared to the other two holes.

Considering this point, it can be said that the winning direction of this tournament, which is held as the 8th special tournament of the PGA Tour this season, depends on the result of this ‘Green Mile’ strategy. However, the third round on the third day of the tournament held on the 7th (Korean time) was the result of the notoriety of the ‘Green Mile’.

Wyndham Clarke and Zander Schuffle (above the USA), who placed 1st and 2nd, scored 8 under par and 7 under par, respectively, and took the sole lead (interim total 16 under par 197 strokes) and second place (interim total 14 under par 199 strokes). Because.

Clark and Shuffle each hit even par and 1 under par on the green mile, widening the gap with the tie for third place, and competing for the championship on the final day through match play.

Former world ranking No. 1 Adam Scott (Australia) and Tyrrell Hartton (England) recorded a birdie-par-bogey in the last three holes and tied for 3rd place (intermediate total 11 under par 202 strokes), laying the foundation for a come-from-behind victory. .바카라사이트

A total of 6 players competed and among the 4 Korean players who passed the cut excluding Ahn Byeong-hun (32) and Kim Seong-hyeon (25, Shinhan Financial Group), Lim Seong-jae (25, CJ Logistics) was ranked at the top.

Im Seong-jae committed a bogey on the 16th hole (par 4) that day, but reduced 3 strokes by adding 4 birdies to place in a tie for 5th place (intermediate total 10 under par 273 strokes). The Green Mile finished par-par-par.

Lee Gyeong-hoon (32) finished the green mile attack with an even par, but was unable to reduce the number of strokes, and was tied for 20th place (intermediate total, 6 under par, 207 strokes), down 10 places from the previous day. Kim Joo-hyung (21, Nike) reduced 3 strokes to rank 27th, up 11 places from the previous day (interim total 5 under par, 208 strokes), and Kim Si-woo (28, CJ Logistics) shot 1 under par 70 strokes to rank 38th (interim total 3). 210 under par).

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