Choi Tae-won joins hands with housemate Kim Hee-young to attend Paris ‘Gala Dinner’

SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won was spotted appearing at an official event alongside his partner, T&C Foundation Chairman Kim Hee-young, in Paris, France.

According to the business world, Chairman Choi attended the스포츠토토 ‘One Earth, Building Bridges for a Better Future’ gala dinner held at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris on the 14th (local time) with Chairman Kim.

Chairman Choi, wearing a black suit and black bow tie, was caught on camera by some media outlets smiling brightly while holding hands with Chairman Kim.

Chairman Kim was wearing an off-shoulder dress with a black top and a light pink bottom.

In the meantime, Chairman Choi often accompanied Chairman Kim to the Davos Forum in Switzerland and the world’s largest home appliance exhibition ‘CES 2023′ and attended various events such as couples’ events, but a photo of them standing side by side at an official event was released. This is the first time.

Previously, Chairman Kim made his first appearance by attending a session presented by a T&C Foundation official at ‘Social Value Connect (SOVAC) 2019’, the largest social value festival in Korea in 2019.

Representatives of member countries of the Organization for International Exhibitions (BIE) were invited to this event, and former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and former French President Carla Bruni are also known to have attended.

At the time, Chairman Choi had visited Paris to attend the ‘2030 Busan Expo Official Symposium’ and a meeting with foreign reporters prior to deciding on the venue for the 2030 World Expo (Expo).

After briefly returning to Korea and completing his domestic schedule, Chairman Choi visited Paris again to engage in activities to attract the Busan Expo. After completing the ‘SK CEO Seminar’ scheduled for today, he plans to move to another continent and continue his activities to attract the Expo. .

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