Cho Woo-young, who escaped the cut, “a physically difficult day”

 Jo Woo-young (22), an unstoppable amateur, barely escaped the cut.

Jo Woo-young recorded 4 over par 76 in the 2nd round of the ‘2023 KPGA Tour Woori Financial Championship’ held at Ferrum CC in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do on the 12th, and fell to 57th place with an interim total of 2 over par 146. Cho Woo-young tied for 14th with 2 under par, catching three birdies in the first round the previous day.

Cho Woo-young, the national representative, is an amateur who is scheduled to participate in the upcoming Asian Games in Hangzhou. However, his skill is comparable to that of the strong players on the Korean tour, and in fact, at the Golf Zone Open held in Jeju last month, he vomited his spirit by lifting the championship trophy for the first time in 10 years as an amateur.

However, on this day, Cho Woo-young was struggling, recording a double bogey and two bogeys in the last three holes of the game.

Cho Woo-young, who we met in the mixed zone after the game, complained of physical difficulties. He said, “Overall, the feeling of the shot was not bad, but it was physically difficult. He looked back and said, “I feel very sorry for the last three holes.”

In particular, his tee shots, such as driver shots, were bent a lot to the right. Regarding this, Jo Woo-young said, “There are cases where the body moves at its own will when the physical strength is low. He couldn’t control that part,” he explained. “I have had a lot of schedules lately, and I think it’s difficult because I played games for five weeks in a row.”메이저사이트

Nevertheless, Jo Woo-young was shown to escape from the crisis several times. When asked about her crisis management ability, she said, “I always try to do my best in such situations. He seems to be accumulating know-how as he trains a lot for difficult situations.”

Cho Woo-young escaped the cutoff by one stroke. Regarding the strategy for the third round, he added, “In fact, my goal was to reduce 10 strokes for four days in this tournament, but it seems difficult, and I want to reduce up to 5 strokes.”

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